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Our dogs are pets just like yours.
They go everywhere with us, they get to run and play and sniff freely every day. For each dog, you’ll see a written bio and most also have a video where we tell you about the personality, characteristics and temperament of the dog. If a certain dog doesn’t dog doesn’t display a temperament we don’t love, despite proper socializing, that dog doesn’t get to make puppies.
Where do our dogs live?

All the dogs you see below are pets and live in their furever homes with one of our families (you see to here) who raises Doodle puppies, or in a permanent family friend home. NO, we do not keep dogs in kennels and then sell them when they are too old to breed. We believe every dog should be bonded with their family, and get to have a fun life every day. Avoid Kennel breeders!

Worried about the health of your puppy?
Before any dog gets to be a mom or dad, their dna is checked for any diseases that could be passed on to puppies. You can see the tests we do here. When you get ready to pick your puppy, we are happy to provide lab reports, so you can have the assurance your puppy has the best chance of living a long, healthy and happy life.

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Our Moms who make F1 AussieDoodles


Lexi is a 20lb Australian Shepherd and makes the cutest F1 AussieDoodles


Aspen is a 30lb Australian Shepherd and makes the cutest F1 AussieDoodles


Sunshine is a 32lb Australian Shepherd and makes the cutest F1 AussieDoodles