AussieDoodles for saleYou can be a guardian family.

Would you like to join the AwesomeDoodle crew, but maybe you’re not yet ready to have puppies in your own home? A “guardian” family owns an AwesomeDoodle mommy or daddy. You keep your dog and care for it, just like any other dog.

How it works:

AwesomeDoodle finds a puppy we want to add to our line up of moms or dads. We adopt the puppy and raise it for a couple months, primarily in our home but puppy will also come to your home during this time as well. We shape it’s behaviors, teach it good manners and we teach you how to raise a great dog. BONUS: We pay for all puppy checkups and vaccinations thru 16 weeks old.

Once behaviors are shaped and everything is just right, usually around 4 months old, then you will pay for the dog, sign our guardian agreement, and take the dog home.

Most The guardian family is responsible for all regular vet visits after that, food, and all expenses for the dog. AwesomeDoodle is responsible for any pregnancy or health testing related expenses.

We will be your free dog sitter when you need us. When it comes time to breed, the guardian home is responsible to meet the us with their dog for mating. About a week before puppies come, mom will come to our home and stay for 10 weeks. This is the hardest part about being a guardian family; being without your girl for 8-10 weeks. But you’re welcome to come visit and see the puppies. When it’s time for the dog to stop making AwesomeDoodles, we will pay for the dog to be spayed or neutered, and then the dog is yours for life.

How to qualify:

To qualify to be a guardian home, you must:

1. Live within 2 hours of any of our partners.

2. Pay the full fee for your puppy, but this will be refunded when litters come. Or, you can make a portion of the revenue from the puppies.

3. Be willing to be without your dog when it’s at our home raising her puppies.

If you’re interested in becoming a guardian home, please contact us.

You can watch the video below to learn about Christy’s experience with AwesomeDoodle’s guardian program.