newborn aussiedoodle puppy

When you sign up to get your new AussieDoodle Puppy, you’ll go on our master waiting list.

We’ll help you pick the moms and dads that have the temperament that fits your family best, but you’re not locked into any certain litter and you get to choose the color, size and gender of Aussie Doodle you want. We don’t have separate waiting lists per litter, because our families enjoy having the options of picking from multiple litters.

From what location will you get a puppy?

We have loving families, just like yours, raising puppies all over the USA. You can pick a puppy from ANY family. The majority of our puppies go home on airplanes, riding under the seat (we don’t “cargo ship” puppies). So don’t restrict your choice based on location. You should pick the puppy you want, as it will be your family member for ~15 years. But if you insist on only getting a puppy within driving distance, we’re ok with that too.

How do I pick my puppy?

When we have a new litter (1-2 weeks old) with puppies that match your wish list, we will email you 48-72 hours before we start puppy picks. We’ll ask you to confirm your intentions to pick a puppy from the litter.  Then, when it’s time for puppy picks, we start at the top of our list and offer puppies, in order of signup date, to the families who opted in for that litter. We will offer you EVERY AVAILABLE PUPPY that matches your wish list. If we don’t have a puppy matching your preferences, we will let you know, and your name continues to move up the list as people above you pick puppies. On our next litter, we will start at the top, and work our way down again.

Just because you are offered a puppy from one litter, doesn’t mean you’ll be offered a puppy on the NEXT litter. We often have families waiting for a certain time of year to pick their puppy. For example, there could be two families ahead of you who told us they want to wait until a certain date to pick a puppy. Then on the next litter, those two families “READY” date has come, and they would pick a puppy before you.

NOTE: If you have TWO colors selected and the person behind you only has ONE color selected, you still get to pick from BOTH colors. We would never give the person behind you the color they want, just because you are open to both colors. We will always offer you EVERY AVAILABLE puppy meeting your wish list. NO FAMILY behind you on the list, will ever get to pick a puppy before you.

Where am on on your waiting list?

We usually have around 120 deposits for unborn puppies. While that may seem like a ridiculous number, it’s for good reason.  We’re AwesomeDoodle, we have a lifetime support policy, a two year health guarantee, we health test all our mommies and daddies, and you get professional photos and videos of your puppy weekly. We offer a dozen different colors of AussieDoodles, and all sizes. Our families choose AwesomeDoodle not because we have a puppy “available” and they want a puppy right now. Our families choose AwesomeDoodle because they know they will have this furry friend for ~15 years. They want the insurance of health tested parents, they want to see how and where puppies are being raised, and they want help when their puppy is peeing on the floor or chewing up their sunglasses. Best of all, they get to sign up and then have choices of which litters and puppies to pick, rather than being limited to one litter, and missing out on the prettiest puppy, just because they were a day late.

Because many families are waiting for something particular, or waiting or certain date to pick a puppy, and because we have 2-3 litters per month in different parts of the country, our wait list moves VERY quickly. These estimated wait times are fairly accurate.

AussieDoodle Delivery Options FAQ
Where are you located?
Can I visit AwesomeDoodle?

When it’s time to pick your puppy.

It’s the most exciting day, when your name comes up in our waiting list. Don’t be nervous! “What if I don’t pick the right puppy? What will my puppy look like when it grows up? How big will it be full grown?” All this information will be available to you.

When it’s your turn to pick, we will txt you photos of the puppies from which you can pick. If you respond within 4 hours, we’ll send you several high quality photos and a video of each puppy. Then you can let us know which puppy you want for your family.

How will I know if my puppy has a good “personality”?

When our puppy owners tell us about their puppies, it often sounds like they are describing mom and dad. Our puppy’s temperaments are very similar to their parents. Take a look at our upcoming litters to see which moms and dads you like the best.

Once you pick your puppy, you’ll get to watch it 24/7 on our LIVE, quality puppycams, and you’ll get weekly videos and high quality pictures of your puppy as well. After just a couple weeks, our puppy owners tell us they already feel bonded to their puppy.

Occasionally, we get a request from someone asking us if they can come see puppies when they are 8 weeks old, and pick the puppy who runs to them and displays the behavior they like. Back in the old school days of breeds like Labradors, where all puppies look the same, this was common practice. However it doesn’t work this way any longer, especially with Doodles.

Since AussieDoodles come in all different colors, there won’t be lots of choices, like there would be with other breeds that all look the same. For example, in a typical litter of 6, we might have 2 merles, 2 tri colors, and two reds. So depending on the color / gender you want, there will probably only one or two choices.

Even if you came here and visited when the puppies are 7 weeks old, it’s still impossible to pick based on the personality they are displaying at that time. It’s sort of like saying, “What is the personality of your 3 month old baby”? For example, let’s say you come visit when “Puppy A” is sleepy, and “Puppy B” is having an energy blast. They could be demonstrating behaviors out of the ordinary, simply because of their energy level at the time.

Until about 16 weeks old, they are just infants, and personalities don’t start to shine until then. We’ve seen the most “rambunctious” puppy at 6 weeks, turn into the most relaxed puppy 8 weeks. Their personality is just developing as they learn, growing up in our enriching and stimulating environment.

It is up to US, and YOU, to shape our puppy’s behavior into that perfect, well-rounded dog.  “Temperament” starts before puppies are even born with good nutrition and low stress for mom, and is going to be well-balanced with any of our dogs. “Behaviors” you can shape, and personality varies from dog to dog, just like human kids.  We love our dog (and our kids) no matter what their personality.

If you STILL think you want to visit a “litter” of puppies and pick the one who runs up to you and demonstrates a behavior you like, then this may not be the breed for you. Doodle breeders take deposits on unborn puppies, and then if any puppies are available, they sell those puppies on a first come, first serve basis. No dog breeder is going to “HOLD” a certain puppy for you to come at 8 weeks, and THEN decide if you want it or not.

Our puppies are picked by their families when they are two weeks old. Our families watch their puppy grow up on the 24/7 puppycam, and then enjoy weekly photos and video updates of their puppy. By the time your puppy is 6 weeks old, you’ll be VERY familiar with it’s characteristics and you’ll feel like you know your puppy. If you don’t like anything you see with your puppy, you’re welcome to back out of that puppy and wait for a different one. However, no one has ever done this in over 650 puppies. Ask yourself this question: Would you rather watch your puppy grow up and watch it 24/7 on live puppycam for weeks to get to know it, or would you rather visit a puppy and attempt to evaluate it’s temperament in 30 minutes, and NOT KNOW where and how it was raised?