newborn aussiedoodle puppyWhen you sign up to get your new AussieDoodle Puppy, you’ll go on our master waiting list.

What kind of puppy do you want?

What size and color do you want? Do you want a puppy from a certain mama? You don’t need to answer these questions right away. However, if you have “must have” criteria, let us know. For example, if you tell us you ONLY want a dog under 25lbs, we won’t contact you with any puppies above that weight range.

From what location will you get a puppy?

We have loving families, just like yours, raising puppies all over the USA. You can pick a puppy from ANY family. The majority of our puppies go home on airplanes, riding under the seat (we don’t “cargo ship” puppies). So don’t restrict your choice based on location. You should pick the puppy you want, as it will be your family member for ~15 years.

When do we let our families pick a puppy?

When we have a new litter, we take photos and a video of each puppy when they are deemed healthy (usually at 1-2 weeks old). We start at the top of our list and offer puppies to the families on the list who’s requirements match the puppies we have available. When we get to your name on the list, you’re welcome to pick a puppy, or pass until the next litter comes along. If you pass, you won’t lose your spot on the waiting list. Your name continues to move to the top of our list as people above you pick puppies. On our next litter, we will start at the top, and work our way down again.

Where am on on your waiting list?

This is a common question, and while it seems like an easy question, it’s difficult to answer. We usually have around 120 deposits for unborn puppies. While that may seem like a ridiculous number, it’s for good reason.  We’re AwesomeDoodle, we have a lifetime support policy, a two year health guarantee, we health test all our mommies and daddies, and you get professional photos and videos of your puppy weekly. We offer a dozen different colors of AussieDoodles, and all sizes.

Because many families pass when it is their turn to pick a puppy, and because we have 2-3 litters per month in different parts of the country, our wait list moves pretty quickly. These estimated wait times are fairly accurate.

Of course, restricting by size and gender may add more wait time, but these wait times are based on real wait times in the history of AwesomeDoodle. And again, we’re not a puppy farm so you’ll never see us with tons of puppies available. We will NOT produce puppies if there are not enough people on the list. We don’t believe in making homeless puppies.

We know the wait is difficult. It’s worth it though!

We are very up front about our wait times so you don’t feel misled in any way about when you might get the much-anticipated puppy pick email. You will receive our monthly newsletter, and we have developed a comprehensive website, uploaded videos to YouTube, and have an active Instagram & private Facebook group, to help you stay encouraged and engaged during the wait. We know this is the hardest part, so we’ve worked hard to give you as much information as possible to prepare for the arrival of you new family member.

When it’s time to pick your puppy.

It’s the most exciting day, when your name comes up in our waiting list. You’ll get a txt from us, showing you photos of puppies you can chose from. We’ll send you complete details on mom and dad, and the puppy. What if I don’t pick the right puppy? What will my puppy look like when it grows up? How big will it be full grown?  Don’t worry, AwesomeDoodle will give you advice about what to expect from your puppy, as far as temperament, size, and colors.

We’ll tell you about the behaviors and personalities about the sire and dam, and let you know what you can expect from your puppy as it gets older. Once you pick your puppy, you’ll get to watch it 24/7 on our LIVE, quality puppycams, and you’ll get weekly videos and high quality pictures of your puppy as well. After just a couple weeks, you’ll feel bonded to your puppy. While each puppy will have it’s own unique personality that you will grow to love, the puppies will all have very similar temperaments.  Watch the video below to learn more about the puppy pick process.

Occasionally, we get a request from someone looking for a particular “personality.” They ask us if they can evaluate puppies and have the “pick of the litter” based on what they observe while they are here. Since our families pick their puppies when they are a week old, we can’t evaluate personality when they are that young. Even if you came here and visited when the puppies are 6 weeks old, it’s still impossible to pick based on the personality they are displaying at that time. We’ve seen the most “rambunctious” puppy at 6 weeks, turn into a calm angel at 8 weeks, and visa versa. For example, let’s say you come visit when “Puppy A” is sleepy, and “Puppy B” is having an energy blast. They could be demonstrating behaviors out of the ordinary, simply because of their energy level at the time.

Puppies don’t even start to come into their real personality until they are 10+ weeks old, and it doesn’t fully develop until they are about 8-12 months old. It is up to US, and YOU, to shape our puppy’s behavior into that perfect, well-rounded dog. As we talked about above, “temperament” is going to be well-balanced with any of our dogs. “Behaviors” you can shape, and personality… we love our dog no matter what their personality.  Any breeder who says you can accurately predict personality and behaviors at 6-7 weeks old, simply doesn’t understand, or is lying to you to make you feel good.

What is the difference between AussieDoodle temperament, personality, and behavior?

When do dogs start showing their personality? Below you will find definitions of each. You will also find information on how these three factors bleed into each other, as well as some tips on how you can shape the perfect dog.

Temperament: “a person’s or animal’s nature, especially as it permanently affects their behavior.”

The temperament of your dog is controlled by it’s genes. When I say, “poodles are very smart dogs,” or “Australian Shepherds love to swim,” these are descriptions of a dog’s temperament. Keep in mind, this is not the “rule” for dogs. For example, you may have an Aussie that will NOT get in the water, despite your attempts to acclimate it to your pool. In most cases, this is because you didn’t introduce the dog to water until it was over 6 months old. Another good example or “temperament” is that some dogs like to “hunt.” It is their instinct to follow a scent trail. On a side note, this is another reason I like AussieDoodles over Labradoodles. Aussies have a much lower “hunting” temperament, so they are usually more reliable off leash than Labradoodles.

Behavior: “the way in which an animal or person acts in response to a particular situation or stimulus.”

We give our puppies an A+ start, but once you get your puppy, YOU will directly shape the behavior of your dog. It is your responsibility to shape the behavior and mold your puppy into the dog you want. The way you interact with your puppy in the first 2-3 months, will directly affect it’s behavior for it’s entire life. For example, if your dog is “protective” of you, that’s a behavior that you shaped. If your dog won’t get off the couch, that’s a behavior YOU caused. If your dog barks often, again, that is a behavior you encouraged (by accident). It is incredibly easy to accidentally shape an undesirable behavior. A behavior is able to be “shaped” when your dog is a puppy, and it becomes increasingly more difficult as it gets 4 months old and older. For example, if you don’t socialize your AussieDoodle as a puppy, and you don’t treat your dog as if you are the pack leader, then your dog may take on a protective behavior. If your puppy jumps on the gate and barks, and then you look at your puppy (whether you tell it to stop barking or not), then you just taught it to bark. You rewarded the barking, by giving it attention. If your puppy jumps up on your leg and you pick it up, or talk to it, then you just taught it to jump on you. If your puppy is biting your feet and your give it a toy and start playing with it, then you rewarded it for biting your feet. If you wrestle and excite your puppy, you’re teaching it that life is about being hyper, rather than calm.

Personality: “the combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual’s distinctive character.”

The personality of your dog can be shaped a LITTLE bit. If you take two dogs from the same litter, raise them exactly the same way, each dog will have a VERY similar behavior and temperament, but they will still have their own, unique personalities. A good example of a “personality” would be to say, “Mini poochie loves to get her toy and walk around the house wiggling her butt and looking for someone to play fetch with her.” Or, “That Winnie, she always likes to ride in the back seat of the car.” Whatever our dog’s personality is, we grow to love it, just like if it was our child.

When does a dog’s personality start to show?

This is a great question and often misunderstood. Let’s say, for example, you go to the home of a breeder and you have your pick of 8 different puppies. The breeder allows you to evaluate them all and pick the one you want. You’re there for 30 minutes, with a very hard decision. You’re looking for an outgoing, but not obnoxious puppy. Bentley, over in the corner, just got done playing, and he is worn out. He is super tired. You pick him up and he is like Jello. You pass on Bentley because you say, “He’s too calm for us; we want a dog that is more outgoing.” Little do you know, Bentley could be the perfect dog for you; he’s just super tired right now. And vice versa, ALL puppies at 7-8 weeks old have “puppy crazy time” a few times a day, where they run around like idiots, growling and biting pant legs. If you happen to be evaluating puppies and one is having “puppy crazy time,” you’ll never pick that puppy. My point is, one can’t spend just 30 minutes with a puppy and evaluate it’s personality, especially at 8 weeks old when personalities aren’t even formed yet.

That being said, personalities can vary. You can have two human kids, raise them the same way, and they have different personalities. However, temperaments are very balanced, and puppies always take after mom and dad. Meeting mom when she has puppies, does not give an indicator of the personality of mom. Even when pups are 8 weeks old, moms are still very protective of their puppies. And like any dog, they need time to warm up to you, before demonstrating any kind of natural behavior. And that’s why we make videos for all our mom and dad dogs. Click here to see our mom and dad dogs. You won’t find another breeder with a more comprehensive description (not to mention a video) of their mom and dad dogs.

Candidly, we’ve had a couple families sign up and then exchange dozens of emails with us about this subject, wanting to pick the puppy with the perfect personality. They ask about the personalities of different moms, and watch all the videos and read the descriptions of all our moms and dads. But In the end, they pick the puppy based on the size, gender, and color they want. If a family tells us they want a tri-color female, but we told them the “black puppy” matched their “family style”, they would not pick it anyway. If you’re picking a puppy from a litter of golden doodles that all look the same, then personalities are a deciding factor. For example, with any given litter, we have an average of ONE blue merle female. So, therefore, if you want the blue merle female, there would be only one choice. We’ve sent home about 600 puppies since AwesomeDoodle started, and no family has returned their puppy because they didn’t like the personality. It’s sort of of like a human child. Whatever their personality, we love them just the same. If we don’t love the temperament and personality of mom or dad, they don’t get to make puppies.

If you don’t care about colors at all, and you want sit with a litter of puppies and attempt to pick the puppy with the personality that fits you, then an AussieDoodle may not be a good choice for you. However, if you want a puppy that has been through early neurological stimulation exercises, and you want to see where and how your puppy is being raised, with weekly photos and videos, and watch your puppy 24/7 on our puppy cams, then you might want to give AwesomeDoodle another look.

At AwesomeDoodle, puppies are picked at about 2 weeks old. At 7 weeks old, personalities just barely start to come out, and at that time, we make every owner a personalized video and tell them what we’ve seen in their puppy.