1. Get approved and signed up.

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    2. Join the litter wait list(s)

    Go to our upcoming litter page and join the litter lists you like.

    3. OPT IN or OUT

    A few days before puppy picks start, we email the families who added themselves to that litter list, and ask you to review the litter, and officially opt IN or OUT. There’s no penalty to change your mind about a litter.

    4. Pick your puppy

    When it’s time for puppy picks, we start at the top and offer puppies, in order of signup date to the families who opted in. At this time, you you get to pick from ALL of the available puppies that meet your criteria.

    Step 1:  Sign up

    Before you sign up, read this page! Almost all your questions related to picking a puppy will be answered here.

    Q. If I were to sign up today, when will I get to pick a puppy?
    A. Click here to see our average wait times. These wait times are based on real stats over the last 6 months.

    Q. If I sign up today, where would I be on on your waiting list?
    A. Your “number” is irrelevant, because someone wants something different. Again, click here to see our average wait times to get a ball park idea of your wait time.

    Q. When I sign up, am I locked into a certain litter or breed?
    A. Unlike most dog breeders, with AwesomeDoodle, you are not locked into a certain litter, gender, color, or breed. We don’t force you to pick a puppy until you find the one that is best for you. When we offer you a puppy, you’re welcome to pick or pass (with no penalty).

    Q. After I get signed up, when will you contact me about picking a puppy?
    In order to be contacted about a litter, you must add yourself to the wait list for that litter. We will contact you a few days before we do puppy picks for that litter.

    Q. I want something very specific. How long would the wait be for a certain gender, certain size, and certain color?
    Since we can’t clone puppies, there’s no way to answer this question. Your best bet would be to look at the upcoming litters and see if there is a litter that MIGHT have the puppy you want in it. Be reasonable with your expectations.

    Q. Can I pick a puppy from a certain litter or location?
    A. Yes. You’re not locked into any certain litter and you get to choose the Doodle YOU want. Our families enjoy having the option of picking from multiple litters.

    Q. How will I get my puppy home, once I get it?
    A. It depends, you can drive or fly, or hire someone to come get your puppy for you. Read here for our suggested pick up / delivery options.

    Q. What if I pick a puppy that is not within driving distance? I don’t want my puppy riding on a plane; that’s dangerous!
    A. No it’s not. The majority of our puppies go home on airplanes, riding under the seat with their owners, or a puppy nanny. We do not “cargo” ship puppies as that can be more risky and stressful for a puppy.

    Q. Can I call you and ask questions about getting a puppy?
    A. We are happy to talk on the phone with you to say hi! We love meeting our new puppy owners. However we don’t answer puppy questions over the phone. Please use email to ask your questions. Then you’ll have written record of what we told you.

    Q.  Do you put families ahead of me on the wait list if they pay more?
    A.  NO! Unfortunately this is common with many dog breeders, but not at AwesomeDoodle. At AwesomeDoodle, no one who signed up after you, will be able to pick a puppy before you, regardless of their preferences, how much they pay, or how much we like them.

    Step 2: Join the Litter List(s) you like

    Once you’re signed up, you’ll add yourself to all the litter lists in which you’re interested.

    Q. Can I join the wait list for multiple litters?
    A. Yes

    Q. I joined the wait list for a litter first. Does that mean I get to pick from that litter first?
    A. No, we ALWAYS offer puppies in the order of sign up date.

    Q. I don’t want to sign up and pay a deposit. Can I get on your wait list and pay the deposit when I pick a puppy?
    A. No. We suggest you wait until you’re serious about getting a puppy from AwesomeDoodle, and ready to sign up and place your deposit, in order to reserve your puppy pick position.

    Q. Can I remove myself from the wait list for a certain litter?
    A. Yes. You can change your mind as much as you like. Our website knows what litters you like, and you’re welcome to add / remove yourself from as many litters as you want.

    Q. If I add myself to a wait list, does that mean I’ll get to pick a puppy from that litter?
    A. No. We always offer puppies in order of sign up date. Pay attention to the average wait times.

    Step 3: Officially Opt in / Out of the litter

    When puppies are two weeks old, it’s time for you to do another review of the litter list you joined, and evaluate if the go home dates and location works for you. We’ll ask you to CONFIRM your intentions to get a puppy from that litter.

    Q. If I opt in, are you sure you’ll have a puppy for me to pick?
    A. No. If you recently signed up with AwesomeDoodle, we may not get to your name with an available puppy.

    Q. I’ve already added myself to a litter wait list. Why do I have to “opt in”?
    A. Litter details may have changed since you joined a litter wait list. When it’s time to opt in / out, you need to do a final review of the litter/delivery/pickup/dates to see if it works for you. Talk to your family or significant other and ask your questions BEFORE opting in.

    Q. Ok I opted in. How many people are ahead of me? What NUMBER am I?
    A. We don’t know how many families will opt in, and we don’t know who will pick or pass ahead of you. After puppy picks are done, we will let you know if we didn’t have a puppy available for you.

    Q. I was the first person to opt in, will I get to pick first?
    A. No, we ALWAYS offer puppies in the order of sign up date.

    Q. How many puppies, what colors and what genders do you have? Can I see the puppies before I opt in?
    A. We don’t share photos or specific details about the litter until it’s your turn to pick.

    Q. Do I lose my spot on the list if I opt out?
    A.  No, there is no penalty for opting out.  You will continue to move up the list as families ahead of you choose puppies.

    Q.  What time will I hear from you on pick day?
    A.  We don’t know. It usually takes 3-4 days to finish puppy picks.

    Q. What is the fee for these puppies?
    A.  When you are offered puppies, each puppy’s fee will be listed.

    Q. What color are these puppies’ eyes?
    A.  Their eyes are still closed at time of puppy picks.  Eye color can not be determined until around 6-7 weeks, and it can continue to change for up to 6 months.