newborn aussiedoodle puppy

When will I get to pick a puppy?

We usually have around 100 deposits for unborn puppies. While that may seem like a ridiculous number, it’s for good reason.  We’re AwesomeDoodle, we have a lifetime support policy, a two year health guarantee, we health test all our mommies and daddies, and you get professional photos and videos of your puppy weekly. We offer a dozen different colors of AussieDoodles, and all sizes.

Unlike most dog breeders, with AwesomeDoodle, you are not locked into a certain litter, gender, color, or breed. Since Doodles all look different, we don’t force you to pick a puppy until you find the one that is best for you.

Can I pick a puppy from a certain litter?

Yes; we don’t have separate waiting list per litter. If you want to wait for a certain litter or location, you’re welcome to do that. We don’t force a certain litter on you. If we offer you a puppy from a litter you don’t want, just say no. You’re not locked into any certain litter and you get to choose the color, size and gender of Aussie Doodle you want. Our families enjoy having the options of picking from multiple litters.

From what location can I pick a puppy?

We have loving families, just like yours, raising puppies all over the USA. You can pick a puppy from ANY family. The majority of our puppies go home on airplanes, riding under the seat (we don’t “cargo ship” puppies). So don’t restrict your choice based on location. You should pick the puppy you want, as it will be your family member for ~15 years. If you insist on only getting a puppy within driving distance, that’s no problem, however it might extend your wait time.

How do I pick my puppy?

1. When we have a new litter (2 weeks old) with puppies that match your size range, we will email the first 25 families who want a puppy in this size range, 48-72 hours before we start puppy picks.

We’ll ask you if you want to consider picking a puppy from that litter. You can review the litter, and then opt in or out. Opting in doesn’t force you to pick a puppy, and doesn’t guarantee you’ll get a puppy. You have 48-72 hours to opt in or out.

2. When it’s time for puppy picks:
We compile a list of everyone who opted in (usually around 10-20 families), and then start at the top and offer puppies, in order of signup date.

3. We will email the primary email address on your account, and txt the primary phone number at the same time.
In your email, you can follow a link and see ALL of the available puppies (including their fees) that meet your criteria. You’ll get several photos of each puppy, including a short video of each puppy. You have 4 hours to respond to us by email (time between 9pm and 8am in your time zone doesn’t count), after which time we will move to the next family on our list. Yes, we are considerate of time zones.

4.  Pick your puppy.
Here you can pick the puppy YOU WANT to make it official. On this page, you will agree to the fee, the delivery date range / methods.


If you opted in and then when we get to your name on the list and we don’t have a puppy matching your preferences, we will let you know, and your name continues to move up the list as people above you pick puppies. On our next litter, we will start at the top, and work our way down again. If you pass on a puppy, you won’t lose your spot on the list.

If you are offered a puppy from a litter that matches your wish list, you’re not forced to take it, and your name continues to move up the list. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be offered a puppy on the NEXT litter. There are always families ahead of you who also passed on a puppy, but on the next litter, they might pick a puppy.

If you have TWO colors selected and the person behind you only has ONE color selected, you still get to pick from BOTH colors. We would never give the person behind you the color they want, just because you are open to both colors. We will always offer you EVERY AVAILABLE puppy meeting your wish list. NO FAMILY behind you on the list, will ever get to pick a puppy before you.

If you don’t respond to the opt in email, our txt messages, or our offer email, we will assume you are MIA and put your account on hold until you contact us again.

Where am on on your waiting list?

Your “Number on the list” doesn’t tell you when you’ll be able to pick a puppy, and your number will change from day to day. Our families change their minds frequently about what size they want, and what litter from which they want to pick.

Because many families are waiting for a particular size, color, gender, or a certain date to pick a puppy, and because we have 3-4 litters per month in different parts of the country, our wait list moves quickly. These estimated wait times are fairly accurate. For every litter we have, we typically get very deep into our waiting our waiting list and any many cases, we get to the bottom. For example, while we typically have 100 families on the wait list, we may only have 20 families looking for a puppy in the same size range as you.

I need you to give me a date I’ll get to pick a puppy!

Sorry, we can’t do that. The only way we could do that is if we forced families to take whatever puppy we offer them. If you sign up wanting a blue merle, are you really going to take a solid black puppy? NOPE. At AwesomeDoodle, you always get the option to pick or pass on any litter, or any puppy. There is no way we can possibly predict who will pick or who will pass.

I’m frustrated. I signed up a month ago and no one has contacted me about picking a puppy.

If we haven’t contacted you, that means we have not had a puppy that matches the criteria you have set in your profile, or we have not gotten to your name in the wait list.

If you don’t offer me a puppy that meets my requirements soon, I’m going to cancel my reservation.

We would hate to see you go. It takes a lot of work for us to sign you up. By the time you are on our list, we’ve already exchanged at least 20 emails with you. We do our best to give you an estimated time you’ll be able to pick a puppy, but to be fair to you and everyone, we ALWAYS offer puppies in the order in which you sign up. If you threaten to cancel your spot on our waiting list, we still can’t move you up the list and put you in front of another family. That wouldn’t be fair to the people who signed up before you.

Our families come to us because they want an AwesomeDoodle, not because they want to a puppy available NOW. If you want to cancel your AwesomeDoodle and try to find a puppy somewhere else, we understand. However, no dog breeder can promise you a puppy in a certain size or color or gender. AwesomeDoodle typically has 3-4 litters per month, so there are lots of choices coming up. Make sure you have a puppy in your hands before you cancel your reservation with AwesomeDoodle. Lots of families on the list behind you, will be happy you cancelled.

I want something very specific. How long would the wait be for a certain gender, certain size, and certain color?

There’s no way to answer this question. Your best bet would be to look at the upcoming litters and see if there is a litter that MIGHT have the puppy you want in it.

I want a phantom blue merle female under 20 lbs. I want a 5 lb tri color. I want a puppy with one brown leg and one white.

Be reasonable with your expectations. We don’t clone puppies… yet. :-) Sometimes we get a family who signs up and treats our website like a menu system. It doesn’t always work that way. Make sure the puppy you want can actually happen by looking at our upcoming litter list.

You sell a ton of puppies. Are you a puppy mill?
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