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We are here to help you raise and train your AussieDoodle Puppy.

You’ve got your Aussie Poo puppy. Now what do you do? Puppies don’t usually come with a training manual, but ours do. You’ll have access to our full time puppy coach, our extensive library of Doodle resources containing dozens of articles on how to train your doodle and shape behaviors.

Born an AwesomeDoodle, ALWAYS an AwesomeDoodle.

AwesomeDoodle offers LIFETIME support for our dogs, from puppy to adult. Yes! For the life of your dog you can call us, email us, pick our brains, and we’ll be there for you. We work hard to find the best homes for our pups.  However, we also work hard to provide the best puppy support system for our owners.  We truly care about the life of our puppies, and it’s bond with you. Because of this, we happily provide a guarantee we will be available as a resource to you. We get so attached to these little Poo Poo puppies when they are little, we want them to have a good life. Once you pick your puppy, you will be connected with our dedicated puppy coach. You will get weekly emails, coaching you on what you should be doing to prepare for your puppy. We’ll go over everything from providing a shopping list with crate sizes, the treats and toys Doodles love, to helping you prepare your home for the arrival of your new baby. But our support doesn’t stop once you take your dog home. Then the real work begins!

Learn how to shape behaviors with our dedicated puppy coach.

While we recommend hiring a professional dog trainer for a few sessions to help you with your new puppy, we are here to coach you, how to shape the behaviors of your puppy. In turn, this will save you hundred$ or maybe thousands on a dog trainer. Rather than hiring a full time dog trainer, follow our guidelines for raising your puppy, and you may not need a trainer at all.

The first 8 weeks with your puppy is the most critical for setting the foundation for how your dog behaves. Ignore our coaching, and you might end up with a dog who jumps and barks and eats your turkey sandwich which you’re not looking. Follow our guide, and we’ll help you shape the behaviors of your puppy to prevent common annoying issues like jumping on humans and doors, barking, and chewing up your slippers. The most common mistake humans make, is thinking their dog is going to be well behaved, by accident! Then when puppy is 5 months old and the bad behaviors are already habits, these families end up spending a couple thousand on a dog trainer, in order to counter-condition the dog. Even then, dogs are very likely to go back to the undesirable behaviors they learned when they were 8-16 weeks old.

We like to refer to it as “behavior shaping”, rather than “training”. “Training” is more like training your dog to get a beer out of the refrigerator. While “behavior shaping” is more like teaching your dog to offer you a calm, well mannered behavior, like sitting and waiting calmly for affection or food, rather than jumping on you or your guests, barking, or pawing at you. We help you change your dog’s “Default” behavior (jumping) into a more well mannered behavior, like offering us a clam sitting behavior, in order to earn a reward.

We will also teach you how to socialize your puppy properly, and how to “think like a dog” so you can mold the perfect dog for years to come. You only have ONE CHANCE to do these exercises between 8-16 weeks old. After that, undesirable or skittish behaviors are incredibly hard to break. We are here for you to help you shape well balanced dog who is comfortable and pleasant to be around in a variety of environments.

No question is too easy, no question too difficult.

Do you feel like you’re a high maintenance puppy owner? That’s ok. Are you afraid to ask the simple questions? Ask them! Whether you need training tips, behavior shaping techniques, or nutrition advice, we are here for you.  Even more, you’ll continue to have access to our most up-to-date training articles and videos to help continue to challenge your dog and yourself.

Lifetime support means you’re a part of the AwesomeDoodle family forever.

Any time you have questions, concerns or maybe you just want to share a picture of how cute and smart your pup is – we’ll be there.  If you already have an AwesomeDoodle, you are covered by our lifetime support guarantee too. Also, if you enter a situation where you can no longer keep your dog, we WILL take it, rehabilitate it if needed, and re-home it with one of our loving and qualified families on our waiting list. Above all, whatever it takes, we are here to help.