AussieDoodle Gentic testing

Our dogs are DNA tested to prevent genetic defects.

No matter where you get your puppy, you need to ensure mom and dad were genetically tested, otherwise, your dog could be affected by an inheritable disease, such as PRCD, which will cause a dog to go blind, starting at the age of three.

When you get your new puppy from AwesomeDoodle, you’re protected by our two year health guarantee.

Our puppies get the best health care, and we let the professionals do our puppy vaccinations and puppy check ups. But that’s not all we do. Our moms and dads get DNA tested too.

What is DNA (Genetic) testing?

Have you ever seen a dog that is blind? In most cases, they are a victim of PRCD, which could have been prevented. A DNA test is a test that looks for certain diseases (like PRCD, and others) in your dog’s DNA. There are a few diseases that can affect AussieDoodles, and of both mom and dad could be carriers of that disease, or worse yet, affected by it, meaning they will suffer from it.

What would happen if a puppy was affected?

Lets say for example, a puppy is affected by PRCD. There is a very high chance this puppy will go blind between the ages of 3 and 7 years old.

How do you prevent a puppy from being affected?

The only way to ensure puppies cannot be affected by a disease like PRCD, is to test both mom and dad. Mom and dad test results could be as follows:
Double carrier (affected)

Lets suppose a breeder didn’t test their dogs, because they thought they were fine: “My dogs are 5 years old and they can see fine, there is no reason to test.” However, what they don’t understand that is that dogs can be “carriers”. If mommy OR daddy is a carrier, it’s no problem. The problem can happen when both mom and dad are carriers.

Here are the possible outcomes:
Neither parent is a carrier = clear puppy
One parent is a carrier, and the other is not = 50% chance a puppy will be a carrier (still OK)
Both parents are carriers = 25% chance puppy will be a double carrier, affected (will go blind)
One parent is a double carrier, other clear = 50% chance puppy will be affected
One parent is a double carrier, other is carrier = 75% chance puppy will be affected

Can I see the test results of your dogs?
Yes. When you get ready to pick your puppy, we will send you the sire and dam’s health check test results.

How does AwesomeDoodle test their dogs?
We use a swab to collect DNA from every mommy or daddy dog. These swabs are sent off to pawprint genetics. They give us results within 2 weeks to let us know. If any dog is a double carrier, they are not authorized to make puppies. If one parent is a carrier, we are sure to mate it with a non carrier.

NOTE about MDR1: Our AussieDoodles will never be affected by MDR1 because we do not do “mutigeneration” AussieDoodles. Poodles are not carriers for MDR1 so there is no way any of our puppies could be affected by the condition.

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