The first week with your new puppy will be busy. Plan on taking some time off work to help your pup through this transition. Your puppy will demand much attention. He/she will be whining the loss of litter mates, his/her mother, and the humans he has been with since birth. It’s your job to fill that role, ease the transition, and bond with your new companion. It’s time to visit the pet shop. Don’t wait until you have your puppy; go now! Walking into the pet shop can be overwhelming. There are so many options, and inexperienced workers who don’t know much about dogs. Your bill can quickly add up if you’re buying all the wrong things.

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Puppy Essentials! We highly recommend these products for any new puppy.

We highly suggest these pro-biotics to help with puppy’s natural defense against parasites, and to help keep their tummys regular.

Salmon oil has DHA in it which is great for smart puppy brains.

Puppies pee on the floor. This will suck it up out of carpet or the cracks in your hardwood floor.

Every puppy needs a crate!

We suggest getting two crates; one for the bedroom and one for a common area like the kitchen. We like the midwest crate because it is safe for puppies.

Over 50lbs: 48″
35-45lbs: 42″
25-35lbs: 36″
Under 25lbs: 30″

Our puppies are litter box trained and by 8 weeks old, use the litter box almost all the time. We HIGHLY recommend you continue this when you get your puppy home.

More recommended products for your puppy.

If you need to block off a larger opening than a doorway, this gate might work for you.

We suggest getting the smallest leash possible. The more heavy the leash, the more it will annoy your puppy and make it harder to leash train. We suggest the 3/8″ wide leash. Let your puppy get comfortable in your home for a few days before starting leash training. Leash training should be started in the house, not outside.

Easy to Clean Pet Grooming Brush Removes Mats,dander and trapped dirt,Rotatable Slicker Brush-Easy to clean various places Suitable for Long and Short Hair.

For young puppies, each morsel should be cut into 1/4ths.

Versatile combs are an essential tool for fluffing, detangling, and removing dead hair.

Helps discourage puppies from chewing on furniture.

This entertaining and engaging dog treat dispenser toy is an interactive puzzle that trains smart dogs to learn sequential steps for more challenging play.

We typically recommend you take your puppy to the pet shop to buy it a collar. Don’t let your puppy on the floor if it’s not fully vaccinated. If you want to buy your collar ahead of time, get a light, small collar with a plastic clasp. You can start with the extra small, and then get the small. Let puppy get acclimated to your home for a few days before putting on a collar (making it uncomfortable at first).

Helps puppy sleep at night and not feel so lonely by simulating a litter mate.

Approved by our puppy coach! This rotary tool is a pet nail groomer and grinder that offers a safe, effective, less stressful alternative to using clippers on your dogs nails. Buy Now

The LuckyTail Dog Claw Grinding Device has been a huge success with my puppy! I have tried other brands and he was scared of the loud vibrations and would not even go near it. When I turned on the LuckyTail device it was so quiet he didn’t even notice it was near him or that I was using it on him. He let me do all of his nails while he sat calmly (at only 9 weeks old). It was very quick, completely painless, and easy to use with a guard in place to capture his nails securely. It is chargeable and there are 2 different speeds with a light near the grinder to help you see his nail. This is a great alternative to regular nail clippers and much easier to use. Overall, I highly recommend the LuckyTail Dog Claw Grinding Device and I know my puppy approves too! Taylor, AwesomeDoodle Puppy Coach

Our Puppies love this little guy

These bowls are easy to clean and dishwasher safe. Most of all, they are difficult for puppy to spill.

Your puppy will hate being contained, but sometimes, you just need a break!
This is the same playpen we use at AwesomeDoodle and so far it is safe and no problems.

Train your dog to jingle the bells to ask to go outside.

We’ve tried a dozen different dog discs and this is the best one we have found.

Dogs love em!

Great for long rides in the car.

The cute plush squirrel dog toy with bright color, greatly attracting your dogs and keeping them entertained.
This comfort toy is safe, soft, lightweight and it measures about 11 inches, perfect for puppies.

Puppies sometimes eat too quickly. A bowl like this will help make feeding time last longer and aid your pet’s digestive process.

Your puppy will have times where it wants to snuggle up in it’s bed, and other times it wants to find a cool hard surface on which to sleep. We suggest buying cheap beds at first, because your puppy will most likely treat it like a toy including a bed. When your puppy gets older and stops chewing, then you can buy a more expensive bed. Most puppies do NOT like a bed in the crate.

Dog dental kit is gentle yet effective in reducing tartar buildup, eliminating dog’s bad breath, and whitening and brightening your dog’s teeth.

Most puppies don’t like being restrained in the car, but sometimes it is necessary for their safety. If your puppy gets car sick, don’t restrain or contain it. Puppies are much more likely to get car sick if they can’t move around freely (just like humans).

We like this gate because it looks nice and is easily adjustable.

Below our our top favorite Doodle toys, submitted by our Puppy owners on our facebook group.