AussieDoodle toys and playpenWe show you everything about how we raise our Aussie Doodle Puppies

While you’re waiting for your puppy to come home, you’ll get to see where and how it’s being raised.

When AwesomeDoodle started, our goal was to be the best Aussie Doodle Breeder in the USA.

Now that we’ve achieved that, how can we improve even more?
AwesomeDoodle is already doing things other breeders wouldn’t dream of, including allowing you to watch your AussieDoodle puppy on our 24/7 puppycam.  AwesomeDoodle has the best quality photos sent to you you weekly, plus weekly video updates of your puppy (so you can watch it grow). We start the potty training process, we teach your puppies to sit before they go home, and many other things that help shape a great puppy.

How do we do it? We get that question often. We’ve even been approached by other skeptical dog breeders, who simply don’t believe us, challenging us “How can you do all that?”

Well, that’s just the start. In 2018, we made even more improvements to our “AwesomeDoodle Style” of raising puppies.  Most importantly, we’re giving tiny puppies even more stimulation, socialization, and mini puppy challenges.

Why is this important? The puppy learning process starts they day they are born. The more things we can do to stimulate these little ones before they go home, the smarter and more well rounded they will be. While most breeders typically leave mama dog to do all the work, AwesomeDoodle believes in starting the process as soon as they are born. If UN-stimulated, puppy’s brains are less likely to develop as quickly as puppies who are challenged every day. When you have a new baby, you buy any “learning” game you can, right? So why not do the same with your AussieDoodle furbaby?

Here are our latest improvements:

*We’re doing more exercises with young (1-2 week old) puppies, to get them more comfortable and trusting of humans, at an even earlier age. We’ll be spending more time in the whelping box with young puppies, including Early Neurological Stimulation exercises with puppies from 3-16 days old. Early Neurological Stimulation was founded by Dr Carmen L Battaglia and promoted by Jane Killion of Puppy Culture.

*We’re moving puppies to a bigger playpen at 4 weeks old. Bigger puppies are ready to play and need a bigger area to explore and wrestle with their litter mates.

*More individual training sessions. Puppies are eager to learn and we’re ready to teach them how to get our attention (sitting, rather than jumping).

*Litter boxes in the play pen.  Not only does it make our life easier, it teaches puppies to go in a certain area. You can use the same litter box set up at your home or yard, to help with the potty training process.

*We introduce obstacles and problem solving situations for puppies between the ages of 5-8 weeks, in order to make our puppies even more confident, more well rounded, and more able to cope with frustration.

*Improved socializing techniques, in order to make puppies more confident with different situations, with more rides in the car, and more exposure to sounds like city traffic, thunderstorms, and similar.

*Puppy play areas are improving with more toys, more stimulation, and more space from 4 weeks old and up.

Raising AussieDoodle Puppies Birth – 2 weeks

Raising AussieDoodle Puppies 2-4 weeks

Raising AussieDoodle Puppies 4-6 weeks

When your new Aussie Doodle puppy goes home with you, he will already have a jump start on his potty training.  At just 2-3 weeks old, we start training them not to eliminate where they hang out.  At 4 weeks, we introduce the litter box, and by the time they are 7 weeks old, they almost always poop and pee in the litter box.

Toe nails are trimmed every two weeks, and this helps them learn that there is nothing scary about it.

The first goal of house training your dog, is to make the dog understand, “We don’t eliminate where we play.”  A puppy that is raised in an environment where they are constantly walking around in their own pee, will get comfortable with this, and begin to sleep right on top of where they pee. YUCK!

When the puppies are 5 weeks old, we introduce your puppy to the crate. This makes puppies more comfortable being in the crate when they go home.

Puppies get their first bath around 6 weeks old, and they usually get two more baths before going home. This helps them get used to the bath and that’s it’s not a scary place.

We make every new experience fun and safe for your new puppy.  While we challenge puppies to overcome their fears and boost their confidence, we monitor our puppies closely and push each puppy at it’s own pace.

Puppies go to the vet at 6 weeks and get to ride in the car. Most puppies do very well in the car and very few get car sick.

Raising AussieDoodle Puppies 6-8 weeks

Before your new Awesome Doodle goes home with you, it will already have a head start on the most important training lessons it will learn.  In weeks 6-8, each puppy gets one on one training sessions.

1.  Sit.  Puppies start learning to sit and be calm before getting a treat.

2.  NOT jumping.  Our puppies learn very quickly, that jumping on humans won’t get them the treats they want.

3.  Not pawing or biting or barking.  No treats for puppies until all 4 feet are on the floor, and no teeth are touching hands.

4.  Building attention and eye contact.  Puppies learn to look at a human’s eyes, instead of the hand holding the treat.

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