If you know Australian Shepherds, then you probably already know how loyal and smart they are.

Golden doodles, Labra Doodles, Cockapoos, cavapoos, how will you choose? This video will show you the top 10 reasons we think AussieDoodles are the best choice.

AussieDoodles are known as the “Einstein” of dog breeds.

Why is that? Australian shepherds and poodles are some of the smartest dog breeds out there. Golden retrievers and Labradors are smart too, but what sets the AussieDoodle apart from LabraDoodles and GoldenDoodles, is the loyalty characteristic in the Aussie. Below are a few things to consider (these are simply my opinions), remember, 90% of your dog’s personality will come from the way you shape it’s behavior and socialize it.
cute doodle mix puppy

AussieDoodle highlights:

*Typically able to walk with you OFF LEASH in several different environments after one year of age
*Incredibly affectionate
*Wider variety of colors
*Easier to recall an AussieDoodle back to you, especially in a time of danger
*Incredibly easy to train, because of their attentiveness to their owner
*Best at Agility and Frisbee
*AussieDoodles are more interested in YOU, than the neighbor’s cat
*Due to their extreme smarts, AussieDoodles are usually more needy of your attention and need more exercise

IMPORTANT: Be careful when shopping for an Aussie Doodle puppy.

You’ll be overwhelmed with terms such as Australian doodle, bernedoodle aussie poodle mix, multi-generation aussiedoodle, labra aussie doodle, australian poodle, and more. Some breeders are mixing this with that and calling them whatever terms they think people want. Since doodles pedigrees aren’t tracked, it’s hard to tell where those “doodle” puppies came from.

golden doodle

“Lilly,” the DreamyDoodles GoldenDoodle

GoldenDoodle / LabraDoodle highlights:
*A little more “relaxed” than AussieDoodles
*More independent than AussieDoodles
*More likely to wander off to follow a rabbit’s trail, or similar
*A little more stubborn, so they can be harder to recall
*A bit more “happy go lucky” than AussieDoodles
*Stronger “hunting” instincts
*Retrievers are in the top 5 breeds to develop hip dysplasia

Thanks to Barbara from DreamyDoodles for this picture of her beautiful GoldenDoodle named Lilly.

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