colors of Aussiedoodle Puppies

We raise all sizes of AussieDoodle Puppies, Standard size SheepaDoodle puppies, and Standard and Mini size BerneDoodle puppies

We have lots of different sizes, from Toy all the way to standard size. The majority of our AussieDoodle puppies are in the “mini” size, so please note that Toy or Standard sizes may be a little longer wait time.

While some breeders misquote the expected size of their puppies, we estimate the full grown size of your puppy, based on the weights of mom and dad.

You’ll hear lots of different opinions on sizing, including what sizes qualify as “toy”, “mini”, or “standard”, therefore, we try not to label them, and just give you the estimated full grown weights.

We raise 19 colors of AussieDoodles, and you might be surprised to see the colors of SheepaDoodles and BerneDoodles we raise.

Click here to see the colors we raise and average wait times per breed and color. Some more rare than others.

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