Who is AwesomeDoodle?

EVERY one of our mamas and daddies is a family pet and lives in their forever home. AwesomeDoodle puppies are raised in our homes by loving families just like yours, exposed to the sounds of the TV, vacuum, blender, washing machine, etc. We start socializing your puppy, we start the crate training process, and we start the potty training routine. Every puppy goes home knowing how to sit and wait for treats. Click here to see how we raise our puppies.

AwesomeDoodle is a growing group of families across the USA, specializing in raising AussieDoodle, BerneDoodle, and SheepaDoodle puppies to the same strict standards. AwesomeDoodle is not a puppy broker, and we’re not a puppy farm. In fact, we don’t even like the term “breeder”. Anyone can “breed” two dogs together. It’s the RAISING part that makes our dogs different. Every litter is raised with love in the home by families just like yours. We often have “dog breeders” ask us if they can join our group, but in most cases the answer is NO. “Dog breeders” simply can’t grasp the concept of how we raise our puppies. Old habits are hard to break. If any of our group chooses to not follow our strict policies, they are booted off the island.

AwesomeDoodle is not a puppy broker.

A puppy broker is a company who sells dogs for dog breeders, and in most cases, those breeders don’t follow any standards.  Therefore you will never see our puppies on a broker website such as puppyspot.

AwesomeDoodle is not a puppy farm.

When people hear the word “Puppy Farm” they instantly think, “inhumane conditions, poor puppy health” etc.  However, this isn’t usually the case.  Most breeders keep clean and healthy conditions for their dogs.  But in the end, these breeders are still considered a “puppy farm”.  They are breeding dogs, with the intention of selling puppies, and after these dogs are too old to have puppies, these un-socialized, sometimes isolated dogs are given away, or sold to families. That’s a “farm,” no matter how you look at it. Obviously, there are several variations of a puppy farm.  While some breeders have 20 breeding females, some may only have 5-6.  Either way, these dog’s only job is to produce puppies. It is not a fair life for a dog.

AwesomeDoodle is not a puppy farm, and therefore you will rarely see our AwesomeDoodle puppies on “PuppyFind” or other similar puppy web sites. Occasionally, we have a few puppies that make the “available” list, but there are no “impulse” puppy buys with AwesomeDoodle. Our puppy owners must learn about AwesomeDoodle, and we want to learn about you, to see if it is a perfect match.  Then our families will reserve their future puppy, and watch it grow on our 24/7 puppy cam, plus weekly video and photo updates. Click here to see why AwesomeDoodle is different.

AwesomeDoodle is not a puppy mill.

Puppy mills are breeders who have dozens of mommy dogs living in less than ideal conditions and their sole purpose in life is to have puppies. The moms and puppies are neglected. The puppies are bathed at 8 weeks old and then usually brokered to a pet shop or a website that specializes in selling puppies for breeders.

best aussiedoodle breedersWhat determines if a breeder is “responsible” or “reputable?”

The Kennel Club and the American Kennel Club states that responsible breeders should raise their animals with the intent to produce healthy dogs, and to ensure that all animals are provided responsible homes and socialization.  
Would you consider a dog who lives in a “kennel” as a socialized dog?  Would you consider a barn or kennel, the same thing as a home?  While the “dog house” may be humane, clean, and satisfactory, we don’t consider it a HOME.

How can you avoid adopting a dog from a puppy broker, puppy farm, or puppy mill?

Here is a way to find out if your breeder is a farmer.  Ask the breeder to send you a video of where their dogs are “kept.”  Or, ask them to send you a video of people interacting with the sire and dam.  Most likely, they will tell you they can’t produce one because they “don’t have a good camera” or “don’t know how to use youtube.”  The breeder should be able to provide high quality videos of all their moms and dads, and also a video of how and where they raise puppies.