blue merle phantom aussiedoodleWe don’t send a puppy home with just anyone.

We love to meet our future puppy owners and get to know them, and what kind of life they will provide for the puppy we raised.

You’ve probably had someone tell you, “You better visit that breeder before you buy a puppy from them, so you can see if they keep their kennels clean and how they treat their dogs!”. And that’s absolutely true, if you’re buying a puppy from a traditional breeder. The majority of breeders, especially AKC breeders, raise their puppies in a kennel-like environment. It would be a good idea to visit them, so you can see how and where their puppies are raised. However, most breeders won’t allow you to visit. Let’s face it, 7 week old puppies are pooping machines, and it is extremely difficult to keep a kennel clean and smelling fresh. In this day and age, most breeders simply don’t want the liability of you coming on their property. They don’t want you taking photos and they don’t want you to see puppies being raised on concrete. Most of all, they don’t want to waste two hours of their time hosting you as a visitor. From the breeder’s standpoint, nothing GOOD can come of your visit. If you don’t buy the puppy, someone else will. Most breeders will avoid high maintenance customers and sell their puppies to the customer who asks the least amount of questions. We face the same challenge when we buy a puppy. In fact, we recently put a deposit on a puppy, and after asking for photos two weeks in a row, the breeder returned our deposit and told us we were too much trouble.

Since we raise our puppies in our homes, and mom has free reign of the house, it is usually impossible for us to have visitors when we have puppies, because moms are  too protective of their puppies. As you know, Australian Shepherds are typically very loyal to their families and leery of strangers, so you’re never going to get a true representation of mom’s temperament or personality. It takes them a while to trust a stranger. Also, we want to limit the exposure of our puppies to viruses that are easily tracked in on shoes, such as parvo, which can kill a young puppy easily. Parvo is everywhere, and it can ride on your shoe for weeks, and then we tracked into our home. It is difficult to sterilize our home floor. If one puppy gets parvo, the entire litter could get it, and we would have lots of unhappy puppy owners. Lastly, since we raise puppies in our home (sometimes right in our living room or kitchen), there’s really nothing for you to see.

We know some of you just want to meet face to face, and in many cases it is possible for you to visit us.

Once you are signed up, you can inquire with us and if the timing and location is right, come on! We can even do a facetime call with you. Since we have lots of people who want to visit, and we know we may not be in your location, AwesomeDoodle takes great pains to be as transparent as possible. Here are a few of the things we do so you can see where and how our puppies are being raised.

We have photos and a bio and and video for (almost) every mom or dad.

Here is an example:
We believe it’s a good idea to let you learn a little about mom and dad. Puppy personalities usually mimic mom’s. If we don’t love the temperament and personality of mom or dad, they don’t get to make puppies. And yes, we have disqualified perfectly good breeding dogs (which we have a lot of time and investment) from breeding, because their temperament wasn’t perfect.

how to pick an aussiedoodle breeder

After you sign up:

We have a conversation with you and we get an idea of your perfect dog. While all our moms are great, and you’re welcome to pick any puppy you want (not locked into any certain time frame or litter) we’re here to help you choose a puppy that is right for your family. There may be a few moms we would steer you to, based on what you want. For example, some might be better at frizbee than others.

After you pick your puppy:

You will get weekly photos and video updates of it, plus watch it 24/7 on our puppycam. Every puppy owner tells us that after watching their puppy on puppycam for weeks, they already know it’s personality. When your puppy is about to go home, we make you a personalized video of your puppy and we tell you the traits we have seen in that puppy so far. But remember, at 8 weeks old, puppies are just infants and personalities are just starting to blossom. Our weekly photos are unmatched by any other breeder. Who wants a blurry cell phone photo of the puppy they are buying?!

Annika visits AwesomeDoodle:

Recently, a future puppy owner, Annika came to visit. Annika was kind enough to do an interview with us. For those of you who want a peek behind the scenes, here is a video for you to watch. The video is a bit long, but will give you an idea of how we do things at AwesomeDoodle. But remember, we don’t raise our puppies in Kennels, so when you come to visit, there’s no “kennel” to see. But we’ll be happy to offer you a cup of coffee and chit chat!
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