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Sugar Baby

Sugar Baby puppies are raised by:

  • Sugar, Sugar Baby, Sugar Bear, we have lots of nicknames for her, but one thing is for certain: she has spunk and personality. Sugar Baby lives in her forever home with Jennifer and Aaron in Bloomington, Indiana. She’s what we call a “Guardian dog” just like Robin. Sugar lives with her Winnie X Ares AussieDoodle sister, named “Winnie Jr”. She has a fun life with Jennifer, Aaron, and their 4 kids. Sugar goes to Tom’s house every few months for “vacations” and hangs out with Tom and family. Sugar is just as comfortable at either home. Sugar will also go to Tom’s house when it’s time to have puppies. Sugar puppies are little dream dogs and seem to have Sugar’s fun and loving personality.

    What can we say about Sugar? How much time do you have? I could talk about her all day. You’ve probably seen her in some of our videos, like our “what to do and what not to do” Video. She’s a doll baby. She’s gentle with kids, shes affectionate, and she loves her frizbee. When the kids come up to her she will roll right on to her back and let them rub her belly. Sugar wants to be near you, but she’s not annoyingly needy. She has an independent side and she loves to go in the back yard on her own and explore. She is pretty quiet; doesn’t whine or bark often. If you’re sitting at the kitchen Island, the next thing you know, she’ll be sleeping at your feet and you never knew she was there. I’ve NEVER seen her snap at another dog, however she will take up for herself when her big sister Winnie tries to boss her around. Sugar likes to come lie by you on the couch and she sleeps in the bed most of the time. She loves her affection but on her own terms. Sugar puppies will be in the 20lb range, but she does NOT have any “small dog” behaviors. She acts just like full size Aussie, but in a smaller package. Usually, I won’t recommend a 20lb dog if you want a dog for hiking or frizbee. But Sugar is an exception. She loves to play frizbee and will keep bringing it back as long as you will throw it to her. She gets so excited she spins round and round until you throw it. She’s learned to hold her head up so the disc doesn’t drag the ground as she brings it back to you. I would recommend her puppies for anyone who wants a smaller dog, with all the fun, intelligence, and athletics of a large dog. When you take Sugar to the store, she’s happy to meet people. When people come to the house, she is a little “watch dog” at first, letting you know someone is here. It takes her a minute to warm up, but as soon as she knows the stranger is a friend, she will cautiously walk up to them for some petting. Once she’s on her back getting belly rubs, she’s your best friend.

  • Size: 25 lbs

Sugar’s Past Puppies:


Romo is an apricot bi-color male aussiedoodle. He has a big white chest and tons of white on his face and legs too. He's so handsome. This is a new color for AwesomeDoodle and we affectionately call them our Strawberry Shortcake Sugar babies! We can't wait to see this little guy's fur as he grows. Congratulations to Taylor and Scott in Canada.


Elon is a red merle male aussiedoodle. He has perfect white markings on his chest, legs and face. He might have some copper coming out on his legs and face. He's so adorable! We think he will look like Finley as he gets older. Congratulations to Dean in Connecticut.


“Halo loves to play catch with her frisbee and / or ball.  She is built for speed and super quick.  She’s also very clever and learns new commands easily.  She’s crate trained and still sleeps in it every night.  Halo’s extremely affectionate and most of all, she loves just to be with everyone. Please say ‘hi’ to Tom for us.  He did a great job raising her for her first seven weeks!” – Deb [read more]


Pippa is an apricot bi-color female aussiedoodle. She has beautiful white markings all over her face, chest, and legs. She's gorgeous! This is a new color for AwesomeDoodle and we affectionately call them our Strawberry Shortcake Sugar babies! We can't wait to see this little girl's fur as she grows. Congratulations to Pam and Tom in Texas.


Sadie is a blue merle female aussiedoodle. She has a big white chest and lots of white on her face and legs too. She has a little bit of tan/copper coming out on her legs and face. She's perfect! She will look a lot like her older brother Fen as she gets fluffier. Congratulations to Gwen and Peter in Virginia.


Whiskey Pete "Whiskey" is a red merle male aussiedoodle. He has a big white chest and perfect white markings on his face and paws. He has an adorable darker brown merle patch on one of his eyes. He's so handsome! We think he will look like Finley as he gets older. Congratulations to Tammy and Mark in Oklahoma.

Tum Tum

Tum Tum is a red-bi color female aussiedoodle.  She has tons of white everywhere, including two cute white spots on her back. She will look a lot like Brady when she grows up. Congratulations to Megan and Hamzah in California.


Leilani is a red-bi color female aussiedoodle. She is so adorable.  She has tons of white everywhere and a cute white "dot" on her back, hence the name! We think she will look like Brady when she grows up. Congratulations to Anne and Peter in New York.


Yuna is a red merle female aussiedoodle. She is stunning. She has so much variation in her merle pattern, with all shades of tan, brown, and copper. With the white on her face, paws, and the tip of her tail she is perfect. We've never quite had a merle like this girl, but we think she will look like Mia. Congratulations to JP in California.


Louie is a red merle male aussiedoodle. This little guy's markings are awesome.  He has different shades of copper, brown and tan and a lot of white everywhere too. We've never had a red merle like this before but he might look like Sadie  but with bolder colors like Rudy. Congratulations to Jamie and Josh in Massachusetts.


Maverick is a tuxedo male aussiedoodle. This little guy is so cute with his four white paws, white chest and chin. His fur is so silky and soft. He will look a lot like Kip except with white paws or like Wally. Congratulations to Janie and Christopher in Washington, D.C.


Fen is a blue merle male aussiedoodle. He has a classic blue merle look, but with a lot of white everywhere. So adorable. He will look like Scout or Remy as he grows. Congratulations to Jennifer and Alex in New Jersey.

Brady Red Bi-Color

"We’re doing great with Brady.  We could not be more in love with this little guy.    He is affectionate, playful, smart, happy, and makes us laugh every day.  He makes little progressions each day.  We are one week in, and he is doing great with crate training.  He goes in on his own when he knows we’re getting ready for bed, even before we’re ready to put him in there.  And as I’m typing this, he just went in there on his own to take a nap . . . that’s the first time on his own during the day!  woop woop!  He sleeps 7-8 hours at night unless Dave or I get up to go potty.  Then he wants to go out, too.  But he goes right back in and falls back asleep after one run-through of the ukelele version of Somewhere over the Rainbow. lol  (I don’t know why, but it soothes him immediately.)  Potty training is progressing fine, too.  He has started hitting the bells when he has to go — not every time, but he’s getting there.  He has had a couple accidents, but each time has been when I knew he had to go but couldn’t get him out right at that moment.  I’ve been using boiled chicken for training, as he doesn’t really go crazy over the training treats.  He cracks us up the way he slams his butt down and looks at us for chicken!!  We are starting to work on name recognition and coming when called.  Like I mentioned to Tom, I feel like I know you both from all the videos and emails, like you’re an old friend!  It’s comforting to know we can reach out to you for support, so thank you!" Brady is a gorgeous red bi-color AussieDoodle with tons of white. What a beautiful little guy.  Congratulations to Dave, Mary Beth, and Brooke in Florida.

Oreo Cookie

"Oreo has been home with us one day and she such a good girl. We had a bit of a rough night last night but she did OK. I learned a couple things on your email below that I will try tonight that should help. Oreo is experiencing new things every minute. She loves the feel of grass on her paws and the sunshine of California. She did very well on the plane, but really perked up when we got her home." Oreo Cookie is a hard to find tri-color AussieDoodle with lots of white. She has bits of copper on her eyebrows, her cheeks and legs, and these will come out as she grows.  Congratulations to Jan and Thom in California.

Sienna Brown

Sienna Brown or "Sienna" is a chocolate tuxedo AussieDoodle with a little white on her chest. You can tell her apart from her brother because she has one white front paw. She's the smallest of the litter but only by a tiny bit.  Congratulations to Paula and Cathy in Kentucky.


"Marble is doing great and has seamlessly become one of the family. Tom warned us that Marble will not be contained - which is funny, and she is getting used to the crate. Thanks for the email and the helpful articles." Marble is a blue merle AussieDoodle with lots of spots everywhere. She is SUPER cute and AwesomeDoodle's classic Blue Merle. Congratulations to Melissa and Ken in Canada!


"First, THANK YOU SOOO MUCH for raising my baby for his first 9 weeks of life! And a special thank you to Sugar’s family and Cash’s family for making my sweet little Ziggy such a handsome boy!! Second, we (Ziggy, His grandparents, and myself) want to thank you all very much for the little care package that our AwesomeDoodle family sent us :) It was so sweet of y’all and made us even more excited!! He slept almost all the way through the past few nights in his crate! His cat brother, Mowgli, is still warming up to him though! But Ziggy is very social and has made quite a few friends (and fans) already!!! I cannot tell you how happy and excited I am to raise my little guy and give him all the love and snuggles!!!" Ziggy is a dark chocolate tuxedo AussieDoodle Puppy. He has a little patch of white on his chest. Both his front paws are solid; his twin sister is a little little lighter chocolate and she has one white front paw.  Congratulations to Nicole in Maryland.


"Indeed Zoe is a star! She is settling in nicely with us in our home. Thanks for all the attention and care you and your team provided in raising her. " Zoe is a dark blue merle with lots of bold markings. She is super cute and her bold colors are rare for an AussieDoodle.  Congratulations to Ivan and Debra in New York.