Q. What are my options for getting my new puppy?

1. We will meet you within one hour drive from our home for no charge.
2. You can fly to OUR closest international airport, and we will deliver the puppy to you at the airport at no charge. You can turn around and get on a flight back home with your new baby.  You need at least 1.5 hours turnaround time to get your puppy, check in, and get back through security. If you choose this option, we will guide you on how to do it.
3. Use a puppy nanny service to deliver your puppy to your closest major airport within the 48 states. The fee is usually $500, all inclusive. Puppy nannies we use, fly standby so you cannot pick a date for your puppy to be delivered.  They usually deliver between 8 and 9 weeks of age, but you will need to be available at all times to meet the nanny at the airport. The nanny uses their own carrier and keeps your puppy with them at all times, so you don’t have to pay for one.
Frequently asked Delivery Questions:

Q.  Can you keep my puppy longer than 9 weeks old?

A.  Occasionally, we can arrange for an “extended stay” if you can’t pick your puppy up by 9 weeks of age.  The charge is $25/day after 9 weeks, up to a max of 10 weeks old, and must be approved BEFORE you commit to a puppy.  While these extra days can sometimes be arranged, we strongly encourage you to pick up your puppy before 9 weeks of age.  Puppies get lonely without their litter mates.  8-12 weeks is also the most crucial time for socializing your puppy, so you won’t want to miss out on any opportunities during that time.

flying with your dogQ.  Can I purchase the nanny’s ticket so I can have a definite arrival date/time?

A.  Usually, No.  This is not possible for a standby nanny because they are always flying around the country and we never know where they will be originating from.  Sometimes, we can fly ticketed, but availability is limited and needs to be approved first.  If you buy us a ticket, this is obviously more expensive since you will be paying for round trip airfare, the airline’s pet fee, and our time.

Q.  Can my puppy fly before it is 8 weeks old?

A.  No.  If you choose to use the standby nanny’s service, you need to be able to accept your puppy any day between 8-9 weeks old.  Since the nanny can take several days to get a seat on a plane, we always shoot for the first day that she is available, starting with your puppy’s 8 week birthday. It’s not safe for a puppy to fly before 8 weeks of age

Q.  If I drive to get my puppy, can I pick up at your home? I’d like to meet the parents of my puppy.

A.  In Some cases yes and some no. Our puppy owners are always welcome at our homes, but many moms are still protective of their puppies when they are 8 weeks old or have already gone back to their owner’s home. Our stud dogs mostly live in guardian homes and will likely not be there when you pick up.

Q. Will you cargo ship my puppy?

A. We rarely cargo ship a puppy. It’s stressful to ship a puppy at 8 weeks old and to make matters worse, puppies have a “sensitive” fear period between 8-9 weeks old, which can have forever impact on your puppy. In the rare case where we do ship a puppy, we will only do it on a direct, non stop flight.
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