Phantom Blue Merle AussieDoodle

AussieDoodle Puppies

AussieDoodles are known as the “Einstein” of the dog breeds.

Were you searching for a GoldenDoodle, LabraDoodle, SheepaDoodle or Bernedoodle puppy? Let us introduce you to our AussieDoodles. Sometimes referred to as a designer breed, this hybrid Aussie Doodle (Aussie X Poodle) is the smartest and most loyal doodle breed to their owners, not to mention, a cuteness explosion. Families looking for a perfect active family pet, are taking a second look at this incredible breed, not just because they are beautiful, but for their intelligence and long healthy life span. Not even a poodle is 100% hypoallergenic, but their low dander and low to no shed coat are a great choice for families with allergies, especially children. They have soft fully coats which require minimal brushing and grooming. We often have F1 and F1b toy mini and standard size AussieDoodles for sale in a variety of colors, like blue merle, red merle, tri color, black tuxedo, red tuxedo. You can see all our AussieDoodle puppy colors here.

The AussieDoodle puppy incredibly easy to train, and they learn what you want very quickly. One might argue that a poodle or border collie is smarter, but the intelligent, friendly bouncy AussieDoodle dog breed will surprise you. AussieDoodles tend to learn human phrases, such as, “go ahead”, “back up”, “get in your crate” within the first few weeks. They are incredibly easy to train, will do just about any activity you give them, and with a little effort, they can be trick dogs, agility dogs, therapy or comfort dogs. This mix of a poodle and an aussie create a low to no shed coat, making it one of the best active breeds for families with children of any age.

BerneDoodle Puppies

Who can resist the happy go lucky, calm and cool demeanor of the BerneDoodle. Combining the Bernese Mountain dog and the poodle, they’re happy, they’re goofy, and they have a lot of love to give. If you’re looking for the perfect, non shedding, intelligent family pet, a Bernedoodle puppy might be for you. The BerneDoodle is a good choice for families with children. Like the AussieDoodle, they are loyal to their families, quite clever, but they are much more relaxed and easy going, over the AussieDoodle.  We will be having F1 and F1b standard size BerneDoodles for sale in tri color, red tri color, and even merle. You can see our available Bernedoodle puppies here.

Tri color Sheepadoodle puppies available

SheepaDoodle Puppies

What’s black and white, and cuter than cute?

Let us introduce you to our SheepaDoodles. Looking for a non shedding Doodle that might not be as intense as an AussieDoodle? Sometimes referred to as Sheep a poo (Old English SheepDog X Poodle) is known as the easy going fun loving, happy go lucky family dog. Families with kids appreciate the Sheepadoodle for it’s loving “I don’t care” attitude. SheepaDoodles are known to not have a mean bone in their body, have high intelligence and 12-14 year life span. Not even a poodle is 100% hypoallergenic, but they are very low shedding, if any at all. They have big coats which require regular grooming. We offer F1, standard size SheepaDoodles, some in merle! You can see available sheepadoodle puppies here.

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