How do I know you guys are legitimate dog breeders?

If you’re asking this question, you haven’t spent much time on our website. A good place to start is “Why AwesomeDoodle”. Here you’ll learn all about how we raise our puppies, heath checks, vet visits, and all the details about what to expect if you sign up to get a puppy with AwesomeDoodle.

I read all that, but it seems to good to be true.

We get that statement quite often. That’s because there is no other dog breeder on the planet (no matter what the breed) that offers everything we do. We see other dog breeders attempt to copy us, by offering things like a puppycam, but then they stop offering that service due to the complexity and labor involved. Most dog breeders don’t want to be hassled with your questions like “I see my puppy on the cam and she’s getting beat up by another puppy”.

The way we raise our puppies is incredibly laborious, but it’s best for the puppy and best for the new owners. Candidly, we think all dog breeders should raise their puppies like we do, but they don’t.

There are a lot of scams out there, how can I be sure you’re not scamming me?

Yep. We hear that often. Scammers will advertise a cute puppy for a very low price. They will tell you the puppy has everything and just happens to be “read to ship today”. That’s your first sign it’s a scam. Cargo shipping a puppy costs a minimum of $300. If it feels too good to be true, it usually is. We’re constantly seeing our stolen photos on scammer’s websites.

Dog breeders are liars and cheaters.

Unfortunately, many are. We have to deal with dog breeders just like you do. We try to raise our own Aussies and Poodles but once in awhile, we get our dogs from other breeders. It’s not fun. They lie about how big the dog will get, they change the price last minute, once we give a deposit, they won’t send us any photos or give us any updates on the puppy. In some cases, the breeder doesn’t even know who the dad is. Rarely do we have a good experience with a dog breeder.

Dog breeders are mostly puppy mills.

False. While there are several puppy mills out there, MOST dog breeders raise their puppies in a fairly clean and humane environment. Maybe they don’t raise their puppies in stimulating environments like AwesomeDoodle, but by and large, the puppies are not neglected. To avoid buying a puppy from a puppy mill, you should avoid a puppy broker. We won’t mention any names, but a puppy broker is a company that sells puppies for puppy mills. The pups are usually raised in environments secluded from humans, and then bathed to look cute at the last minute for a photo shoot.

I need you to prove to me you’re a legit dog breeder.

Let’s start with our youtube channel here, where you can see every video we’ve published in the last 6 years. As of May 2020, there are about 230 of them.  We have quite a large following.

Same with instagram.

We have over 300 reviews from our puppy owners here.

A dozen owner interviews here.

We have over 1000 members on our private facebook group, where ONLY our puppy owners talk about their dogs. Once you’re signed up, you can mingle with our facebook friends.

Check out the map, where you can see over 700 puppies and the cities where they live.

I still don’t believe you. I want to come visit.

We don’t have anything to “visit”; there is nothing to see. We don’t have “kennels” or “facilities” where we raise puppies. We are regular people just like you, raising puppies in our homes. We love to meet our puppy owners, and while we love talking about dogs, we simply can’t always take time out of our day to invite you to our homes. Read more about visiting us here. You can see all of us here. You’ll see us, our homes, our dogs, and you’ll see videos of us talking about all the mommies and daddies.

After reading the above, if you still don’t feel comfortable with AwesomeDoodle, then we may not be a good fit for you.

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