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When you’re searching for the best AussieDoodle puppy breeders, you may be overwhelmed by tons of website hype, and who has time to read all that? While we encourage you to read up on AwesomeDoodle to see how we raise our puppies, you don’t have to take our word for it. See below actual comments from our AussieDoodle Puppy Owners.

AwesomeDoodle Reviews:


"Treat training sessions are going well and we have even started to do some light leash walking! He did SO well today trotting by our side. I’m shocked that he’s barely 9 weeks old! He also boops the bells we hang by our balcony to go outside - fingers crossed but he hasn’t had an accident indoors since we got him a fresh patch of grass! We just adore our little guy and he is learning so fast. He seems to be very well acclimated to our home and we have set up a few play dates with him this week with vaccinated dogs of close friends. We’ve been carrying him almost everywhere with us and he’s definitely become a lot more confident and alert. Also whatever you did to socialize him to everyday sounds clearly works! We have sirens go by often and I also vacuum quite a bit and Moo doesn’t budge!! He definitely has a chill and independent personality (on a relative puppy scale) and is a perfect addition to our family!" - Melissa


"Hank has been enjoying his new surroundings, especially jumping in grass and soft hydrangea bushes. We are blowing the today leaves which will disappoint him because he sees every one as an individual treasure. He is eating well and the vet said I was over-feeding him. We are dropping down to three times a day plus chicken bits for training. He sits immediately if he senses there are treats in the vicinity. He is making good eye contact with me. He is rambunctious with my schnauzer who has been very tolerant but not playful. She was away for the weekend but came back late Sunday. Out of an excess of caution, I initially kept her on dangling leash but Hank can’t resist pulling on the leash so they are both running free in our yard. He loves fetch and will return the ball four or five times before moving on [Read More]


"Things are going well. Blu is almost sleeping though the night. Last night from 10pm - 5.45 am. On occasion she does wakes up once to go to outside. It's improved every night up until last night which was amazing. She whimpers in the car when she needs to go to the bathroom. When she is with me down stairs in my office she whimpers to let me know also. When we get ready to go to bed at night she goes into her kennel by herself. She is extremely patient in stores and car. She just sits or lays there. We had a trainer here last Saturday and we got some homework. We are working on: Sit - knows Here - knows, most times Platz - knows Eye contact - knows Down - lay in her bed - working on Kennel - go in her house - most times She is such an awesome dog. She loves running around with us when we are on our property. She hops and runs in the leaves. We are working on her nipping and biting. Sometimes better and sometimes there is no stopping. It's hard when she jumps and bites on my daughters. It's not easy for them to immediately know what to do. I am there to guard." - Karin


"Hello! She is doing wonderful!! She sleeps all night in crate next to me and does not make a sound until she sees me get up😊 she has mastered sit, down, eye contact, and fetches ball about 80% of time. She is about 60% potty trained. Pee is doing much better than poop😐 she is a road warrior and loves car rides. She gets very excited when meeting someone new😬. We just love her and do not know what life was like without her😍" - Lisa


“She’s soooo perfect!!! Seriously the sweetest, easiest puppy ever!! She’s just now getting mouthy but sleeps all night, naps, eats, uses litter box 🥰🥰🥰She’s soooo perfect!!! Seriously the sweetest, easiest puppy ever!! She’s just now getting mouthy but sleeps all night, naps, eats, uses litter box 🥰🥰🥰 I love her so much. She’s such a dream. She loves her crate so I am happy about that! I’ve never used a crate."- Lara


“Jazzy has blended so well in our family. She gives us so much happiness and every day we are laughing at some silly things she does. She has started puppy school. Next Saturday she gets her first puppy cut. She has been the easiest dog I have ever potty trained. We all love her so much. Even the cats get along with her! She is fine in the car and we socialize any time that we can. We are starting to take her for walks now. I love the AwesomeDoodle website and check that every day to see how everyone is doing. You guys are wonderful .”- Carol Jasmine, AKA “Jazzy” is a female Tuxedo AussieDoodle with a beautiful white chest, a cute little patch of white on her chin, and white tips on some of her feet. We think she’ll look like Kip when she gets bigger. A sweet [Read More]

Bodie Cooper

"Bodie is doing great! I can’t believe how fast these 4 weeks have gone. He has had 4 classes with a trainer and has 2 more and then he will be going to puppy class. He learns so fast that after the first time he gets it and it’s just reinforcement after that." - Donna


Also, I would like to personally thank you for how wonderful you, Sharon, Erin, and Natalie have all been during this process! I have watched every single video and every question that I have had has been kindly answered in a quick time frame! The wealth of knowledge that I have gained from you all is just truly unbelievable! I am beyond thankful for resources you provide new AwesomeDoodle owners. It's Amazing. - Kristi


"Arnie is doing great! He is just so adorable! He's growing like a weed though! He has the occasional accident but has been doing really well with potty training. He hasn't had an accident in his kennel since the first week or two we had him home, which is great! He is such a smart boy! It's crazy how fast he has learned phrases. He is already an expert at "Arnie come" (but you better have a treat when he gets there ha!). He will come over to you and sit down like a good boy! I've even tested him when he's playing in the yard with our other dog and he still comes. I can definitely tell he's teething. Especially just in the last couple days he's started to try to chew on anything he can get his mouth on. He has a few ropes and balls that he loves to chew on so I just redirect his biting to those and it works really well. We start his first puppy class on Saturday and I can't wait to see how he does! I really want to start working with him on loose leash walking because right now he does not like walking on a leash at all. The puppy class will be awesome for him though: burn some energy and make some more pup friends! Thanks again AD for such an amazing pup!" - Ashlynn


Thank you so much for the wonderful puppy! Murphy has fit right into our family and is a joy! Dana did a great job of starting him on the right road. From day one, he has slept in his crate all night without a peep. Potty training is getting better, however, to be honest we are the ones who are trained! He did go to the door last night and whimpered to go out! Our biggest issue was getting him used to a collar and a leash but we are doing well with that now (you’re video was very helpful). Yes, we have our puppy crazy times which are to be expected. Just wanted to thank you for the super job you do with your puppies! Murphy's Family


"Thank you for the awesome prizes for Stormy! He loves the duck! Overall things seem to be going well. We average 1-2 accidents a day as long as we are diligent with taking him outside. He has two locations in our house that he likes to use for pottying, so if we catch him heading to those spots, we quickly call him and head outside. In this situation, he typically comes immediately, we head to the front door together and he quickly does his business outside. Generally coming when called is hit or miss. It depends on what he is doing and where we are. If he is playing with his toys, he will come quickly with his toy ready to play. If he isn't doing much, he comes quickly ready for treats. If he is doing something naughty, he runs the other way! Example, if he finds one of [Read More]


“We got our sweet Sassy back Sunday after 2 weeks of training. He said she was so smart and she could very well be a therapy dog. She is a little over 4 months and just a delight to be around. Walks on a leash without pulling and stays right by your leg when you say heel. When you stop she immediately sits down. You take her to a mat or “place’ and tell her to place and she stays until you tell her to get up. So proud of her(Roxie x Cash)” – Karen [Read More]


"Thank you so much for checking in and all the super helpful tips and articles to read/watch. We are LOVING, enjoying and having a wonderful time with Atlas. Some of the successes: - He has been sleeping all night (~7 hours) without crying. He did for the first two nights but was very minor. - He follows the “sit” command most of the time - super IMPRESSED - He did fantastic at housebreaking and seems adjusted to his new home" - Nilka

Izzy Blue

"Izzy is doing amazing! She is sooo smart!(maybe a little too smart at times, haha) I found a solution to my bells on the doorknob issue that I mentioned previously (no handle on the door). I found an electronic doorbell called the Smart Bell by Mighty Paw. I installed it about a week and a half ago and everything finally “clicked” for Izzy a few days ago! She now knows to ring her doorbell every time she needs to go potty (only downside is that she thinks she should also ring it to go play outside). I have to try to remember to film her doing it and I’ll post it for everyone! Training is also going really well. She knows how to sit, lie down, come, and learned shake in two days! We are working on stay now—that’s a tough one. We weighed her and she is now 8.2 lbs (up from 4.2 at 8 wks)! Next vet appointment is the 20th for more vaccines. We are looking forward to when she is 16 weeks so she can start going on walks in our neighborhood and around town with us. This week we brought her with to go counter top shopping and everyone in the store fell in love!" - Reba


"We were thrilled to bring Koda home yesterday! Overall, we feel yesterday and today were very successful. So far Koda is fitting right in to his new home. He spent plenty of time playing outside and has willingly gone into his crate for naps and bedtime. He slept in his crate last night, waking up only once. He has had a few accidents but is doing a great job going to the potty outside. Koda had his vet appointment this morning. He weighed in at 9.1 lbs and is doing really well. He received his 2nd round of shots and didn’t even cry!" - Michelle


"Banksy is doing well and we have him working with the trainer. He does very well with his eye contact, sitting and coming when called, especially when he knows there is a treat involved (he is very food motivated). He is even doing well on the leash." - Jeannette


"Lucy is doing great. She likes to chase moths & pounce on them. This is actually quite comical. She loves her tummy rubbed by EVERYONE! Everyone we meet comments on how calm & good she is. I always mention that she has crazy puppy time also. We continue to take her to socialization class every Saturday and Alexandra & Jameson are planning on getting together next week. We have about 5 dogs in our neighborhood that all play together. They vary in sizes from a 15 lb pug to a 90 lb pit bull. The all love playing together & they all play great. Lucy weighed in yesterday at a whopping 22 lbs. Lucy is very smart as well. I mentioned in an earlier email that she knows our house when walking around the block. She also knows every single house that has a dog even if they’re not outside. [Read More]


"She always got cooing and such from passersby, but now I can't even walk around the block! I could see the gray coming in under the black, but once the black was gone she was completely gray with a lot of white and a little tan on her front paws and face. On Sunday afternoon she literally stopped the whole block and a group of people surrounded her - petting and cooing and giving tummy rubs and asking all about her breed. Then yesterday a UPS truck driver literally pulled over to stop, ask if he could pet her and got out just to find out what kind of puppy she was!"- Pamela


“We haven’t written back in a while, partly because it’s been a busy summer but also partly because Barley has been such a laid back and fun dood – that we’ve been able to take on each new phase in stride and haven’t faced any major challenges or setbacks. We’ve spent a lot of our summer remodeling our home, which means that for several weeks in a row, Barley made near-daily trips to Lowe’s with us which has made him great around strangers and in public settings. Despite the remodel disruption, Barley got the hang of potty training pretty early on (with a few exceptions along the way) and we think his general adaptability to various settings is another outcome of the house project. Barley loves walks and trips to our nearby park, where he has gotten really good at jumping from tree stump to tree stump at the playground. [Read More]


“Eddie is an amazing puppy. He has truly become part of our family! He loves to play with other dogs! He loves splashing around in sprinklers and occasionally his water bowl. He loves meeting new people. He loves to chew on his bully sticks and prefers the hard floor to any type of bed! Haha. He loves food. He loves his hyper pet frisbee. And he prefers the cat’s toys to his. Except his lamb. He definitely loves his lamb. His training is unbelievable. I hired an in home trainer and we started at 9 weeks and just had our last of 5 sessions at 16 weeks. He is potty trained and crate trained and has been for a while. He sits. He knows down. He loose leash walks. He comes. He stays. He waits. He “parks it”. He knows how to ask for permission to get on The couch [Read More]

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AussieDoodle Owner Interviews:


Leilani is a red-bi color female aussiedoodle. She is so adorable.  She has tons of white everywhere and a cute white "dot" on her back, hence the name! We think she will look like Brady when she grows up. Congratulations to Anne and Peter in New York.


Bizet (Bee-zay) is a high contrast blue merle female AussieDoodle. She’s GORGEOUS. Congrats to Samantha in New York. [Read More]

Miss North Dakota USA, gets an AwesomeDoodle

After searching for months, former Miss ND USA, Jaci Stofferahn came to AwesomeDoodle for the new love of her life, little Sully, the toy size AussieDoodle puppy. She lurked our website for days after she found us, then she started emailing us. After several emails and a phone call, Jaci had signed up for an AwesomeDoodle. And the wait was on. Jaci wanted a toy size AussieDoodle, under 10lbs. Jaci put her trust in little 9.5lb Gracie, who was planned to have her litter in winter of 2017/18. Jaci had several months to browse our website, however we found out she was quite infatuated with AwesomeDoodle. And then the day came when those little AussieDoodles were born. A week later, Jaci and her Husband Kolt, had picked their new toy size Aussie Doodle Puppy, and named him Sully. "The reason I chose AwesomeDoodle for my new little AussieDoodle puppy wasn't [Read More]

AwesomeDoodle Visits Jim & Jeri’s Ranch

Wendy and Tom had a great time at Jim and Jeri's Ranch in Colorado. We even learned a thing or two about "long horns". So fun for Jim and Jeri to give us a warm welcome and show us all their livestock.

Nash: March 2018 D.O.T.M.

"Nash is very confident, and very coordinated. She likes to retrieve balls, in the ocean or out of the pool. When I hold the toy underwater she will put her whole face and eyes under to get it.  As a swim and surf instructor, this delights me to no end. She's not a huge barker, but she will do a single yelp every couple of minutes when at a restaurant and she's bored.  This is probably her worst behavior, if you can call it that.  She loves everyone she meets, both dogs, people, and small children. Last week she was running around with a big group of small children I didn't know at the beach last week, and not a single time did she jump up and try to grab them with her mouth, and they were running around trying to get her to chase them etc. I was really impressed.  She has surfed with me on the paddle board and we caught lots of waves. She never shakes or trembles or cries when she's on the board, or when we're paddling through waves. This has been awesome.  She loves to take my shoes and move them around and her favorite game with them is to take the insoles out. So far she is not destroyed or damaged a single one."   Nash is the Classic looking Blue merle that has made AwesomeDoodle famous. She has very little white. Blue Merle all the way down her legs. What more can we say about Nash? She's perfect. Congrats to Sydney in California. He has waited a long time for this girl.

Leo: Sep 2017 D.O.T.M.

We couldn’t be more happy with baby Leo. He is the most perfect ball of fluff/energy/personality we could have asked for and can’t wait to continue watching him grow up to be the best boy! Congrats to Tyler and Victoria, Louisville, KY


Buddy is a bold blue merle AussieDoodle boy, and he looks a lot like his mom. His markings will be striking as he matures. He has two different shades of gray, plus black. He has a speckled nose that will be darling as his hair grows out. Congrats to Dave and Mary on this bold handsome boy.

Kinzie the soon to be famous AussieDoodle

"She's the most adorable puppy I've ever seen." Says Courtney. Kinzie is a high contrast Blue merle female AussieDoodle Puppy. She has black splashes everywhere, plus two different shades of silver. Look at this doll! Congrats to AwesomeDoodle's own Courtney!