Breed: Australian Shepherd

Weight: 25lbs

Makes: F1 AussieDoodles

Raised by: Natalie in Collinsville, Texas

Nugget - Our confident and sassy girl

Nugget, aka “Chicken Nugget” got her name because she was only 4lbs when I picked her up at the airport in Utah at 8 weeks old.  She was one of 15 puppies and was hand picked by the breeder for me.  From day 1, she has been sassy, full of energy, and had the confidence of a dog 10x her size.  Nugget has the biggest personality of any dog I’ve ever owned, she thinks she’s a human and a little better than the rest of the dogs.  If she wants your attention she does this adorable howl at you, it’s her way of saying “HEY! Look at me.” Nugget travels with my husband Kris and Doodle stud Rocket to horse barns every day while Kris shoes horses. Nugget loves to travel to new places and has never met a stranger. Everyone LOVES Nugget because she is so friendly.  Nugget is very active and her favorite thing is to swim and chase the ball. She also loves to ride on 4 wheeler and the tractor. She has been a confident swimmer since her first trip to the lake at 10 weeks old, she loves going on the boat.  If you are looking for your Ride or Die, your best side kick-a highly recommend a Nugget and Rocket puppy. They will be AMAZING puppies and we are anxiously awaiting this litter.

Nugget's past puppies:

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