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Pepper puppies are raised by:

  • Pepper is a mini Aussie, and she is a daughter of Faith. If you like Faith’s puppies, you’ll be sure to like Pepper’s too. Pepper is sweet, she’s cuddly, and playful. Pepper is a blue Merle and one of our smallest at 19 lbs and 13 in tall, she loves to sit next to you, and would sit ON you if you let her. When pepper is outside, she enjoys playing fetch, and also gets super excited to chase the squirrels out of the backyard or up into a tree. Pepper lives in her forever home with one of our guardian families and lives a happy and fun life. If you called her spoiled, that would be an understatement. We expect Pepper to be a great mother, just like her mom, Faith. Pepper has a great loving gentle temperament and we think she’ll produce gorgeous, sweet and loving Aussie Doodles.

  • Size: 19lbs

Pepper's Past Puppies:


"Her first night was amazing. Slept 930-630 in crate w two potty times in litter pan. She has a snuggle puppy and blanket w mamas scent. We have cage at eye level so she can see us. No accidents. Went to church twice today for service and was calm as a cucumber. Eating ok...she likes to graze lol Sitting like a champ! Boiled chicken rocks. I will be home working this week while she adjusts. We interviewed a puppy nanny for help on days in the future that we aren’t here for more than [read more]


Hi Tom,  I’ve trained all our dogs before, but I am not a dog trainer by any means. I’m a recent retired physician. I never even took my past dogs to training classes, but I believe in them now. It’s all your videos and articles that I used to train Stockton. I basically trained Stockton by using your videos, articles, and reading your website.  The family told me to find a hobby through Stockton, and thanks to your guidance. I have. I trained all our horses, and I always [read more]


Congratulations to Tammie on her new girl! Piper is a blue merle female puppy with a beautiful cinnamon shading in her merle coat. It is quite unique and very pretty. She has a partial white collar and a white belly, feet and tip of the tail. We think she will look a lot like Jasper when she is older. [read more]


Congrats to Leslie an Alan on their new puppy Star! Star a female blue merle puppy with a full white collar, chest and belly along with white tipped tail and white feet. Look closely, she has a bit of cinnamon color mixed into her merle coat, and also some fun high contrast spots. Very pretty. The white spot on her head and around her nose matches the markings on her brother Kringle’s head. We think she will look similar to this handsome boy Todd. What a little doll she [read more]


Congrats to Lara on her new little girl!  Nellie a beautiful female blue merle puppy with a big full white collar that continues on to her chest, belly and legs. Don’t miss that cute white tipped tail! She also has a sprinkle of cinnamon mixed into her merle coat which is just gorgeous. We think she will have a similar coat and facial markings to Todd, but with a more dramatic white chest like what Knox has. She is puppy perfection! [read more]


Congratulations to Ruthie on her new furry family member Sydd! Sydd a beautiful female blue merle puppy with a full white collar, big white chest, white feet and don’t miss white on the tip of her tail!  She has a little cinnamon mixed in her merle coat which is such a pretty touch of color. We think she will look a lot like Pippa. Such a beautiful little puppy! [read more]