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Jordan, Angela and their Amazing AussieDoodles

Meet Jordan. Jordan is raising AussieDoodles near Columbus, Ohio. He’s got “country” in his blood, and “family” in his heart. What shines most about Jordan, is his love for his Aussie Doodle Puppies. Jordan is one proud doodle daddy, and for good reason. Aside from his dogs being absolutely gorgeous, they are well trained, athletic, and best of all, super affectionate. Jordan has years of experience raising Aussies. To say that Jordan is “addicted to aussies” is an understatement.  When you ask Jordan why he likes it so much, he’ll tell you it’s the smiles he brings to the family’s faces when they take their new puppy home.

Jordan’s Dogs:

Please note that not all of our dogs live with us. We all have our own pets, and some of us have moms or dads that live in their furever homes with other families. All our dogs are pets. We do not get rid of dogs when they are done breeding.

Willow the Red Merle

Willow is our sweet and loyal red merle mama. She has a very special place in my heart as I raised her myself from birth. She is from my very own Thor and Vidalia, two of the sweetest, most easy going aussies you will ever meet. Willow lives in a guardian home where she lives an “awesome” life. Her family loves her so much and misses her dearly when she comes to live with me on occasion. This girl is crazy smart and can learn new tricks within minutes. She loves to play with other dogs and fetch the ball (not the frisbee) in the back yard, but her favorite place is anywhere “her people” are. She likes to squeeze herself right next to her mom’s recliner. If you are looking for an affectionate, eager to [read more]


Meet Roux, our little blue merle mini aussie.  Roux is a fireball with lots of fun energy and has an extremely loving side.  She is always ready to play at a moments notice and is quick to jump up in your arms for a snuggle.  Her athleticism and spunk is entertaining an infectious and she is always up for a game of fetch.  She has a smile that makes you feel as if she understands humans just a little more than most dogs.  This fun-loving personality that we see in her makes us excited as we anticipate her puppies arrival. We know that whoever gets one of her AussieDoodle puppies is getting a personality that will be easy to fall in love with! [read more]


Blue is our sweet Mini Aussie. She is our smallest in size but she makes up for it in heart. Blue is very agile and athletic and keeps up with the bigger dogs and sometimes beats them in races. She looks up to the older dogs and enjoys playing and belly rubs. When it’s time to go outside she gets so excited to play, she can barely contain her self. She’s full of life and happiness and is a true Aussie in temperament, and doesn’t have toy-ish behaviors. Blue is intelligent and curious.  She never wants to miss out on play time or a walk. She wants to be with you all the time but also will go play with the other dogs. [read more]


Pepper is a mini Aussie, and she is a daughter of Faith. If you like Faith's puppies, you'll be sure to like Pepper's too. Pepper is sweet, she's cuddly, and playful. Pepper is a blue Merle and one of our smallest at 19 lbs and 13 in tall, she loves to sit next to you, and would sit ON you if you let her. When pepper is outside, she enjoys playing fetch, and also gets super excited to chase the squirrels out of the backyard or up into a tree. Pepper lives in her forever home with one of our guardian families and lives a happy and fun life. If you called her spoiled, that would be an understatement. We expect Pepper to be a great mother, just like her mom, Faith. Pepper has a great loving gentle temperament and we think [read more]


Meet Thor, the Super Aussie who will melt your heart. He’s the perfect family dog. He will alert you when someone comes on your property, but we’re not sure if he’s being protective, or he just wants to meet someone new. After a few barks, he will warm up to strangers. He loves with play with the other dogs and is not overly dominant or submissive. He is a happy go lucky dog and is loyal to his family. [read more]


Meet Jenna. Jenna is our phantom Moyen sized poodle. Jenna is a lover by nature. We have many dogs around here, and Jenna enjoys her place in the pack. I would not consider Jenna to be an alpha. She is more submissive, and content being friends with everybody! Whenever I want to catch Jenna’s interest, all I need to do is bring some type of toy around in her and her ears perk up and she’s ready to play fetch! Most days I find her tossing a ball up to her self and checking the perimeter to see if anyone will play tag with her. Jenna is very sweet and loving, and wants to be near you most of the time. But she isn’t too clingly. You might find her chilling in her crate with her favorite bone. Jenna’s calm behavior is [read more]


Faith is a classic blue merle with two VERY blue eyes.  Faith is our most independent dog.  She can happily entertain herself and is not as needy as our other mamas, but if offered, will happily “endure” belly rubs for as long as you are willing.  She’s also possibly our most intelligent dog.  She is athletic, but isn’t interested in playing fetch.  We think she wonders what those silly dogs are trying to accomplish by chasing that same ball every day.  She’s very outgoing and loves everyone she meets, UNLESS she has puppies.  Faith is a very attentive mother.   She takes great care of her puppies but is very protective of them.  Faith’s puppies are some of the most beautiful puppies we have. See her past puppies below. Size: 23lbs Faith's Current Puppies in [read more]


Roxie's Puppies are Raised By: Well I’ve said it before; our dogs are extremely loving and compassionate, but I’m not sure this quote could fully describe the kind of love that Roxie shows us daily. To say that she is loyal, kind, and affectionate would be an understatement. Roxie is her name & affection is her game. This beautiful red merle mini aussie stands 16 inches tall and is 35 lbs. Roxie’s coat is so beautiful and her blue eyes will pierce to your heart when she glares at you. As you may know, The Australian shepherd is known to be athletic, fun and loyal to their owners. Roxie possesses all of these qualities and shows them on a daily basis. From playing fetch, to hugs, Roxie just wants to be around people. Her favorite game is tag with the other dogs in [read more]


Want a dog everyone loves? A dog that is playful but also a cuddle buddy? Look no further than our girl Harley. Harley is one of our small blue merle mini Aussie moms. Harley is a spunky little girl and absolutely loves spending time with her people. Harley lives with one of our guardian families in Columbus Ohio. They have amazing things to say about her friendly personality and they absolutely love her. Harley is a great size, standing 15 inches tall and 25 lbs. She has fun being outdoors and exploring the backyard; however, her favorite thing to do is spend time with her guardian family. Harley can be often be found lounging around on her back, fast asleep, like she doesn’t have a care in the world. Sometimes we think she forgets she is a dog! Some of our favorite [read more]


Ginger is Jordan’s beautiful red merle Aussie female. Ginger lives with a wonderful Guardian home and they are over the moon for Ginger. They love her so much and she has a great life. Ginger is so sweet. She LOVES being around her people. She will stick right by your side and her favorite place to be is in your lap. Ginger never meets a stranger either. She is always excited to meet new people and she warms up to everyone and wins their heart very quickly. She also really enjoys meeting and playing with other dogs. Her pups are the perfect mini size if you are looking for a pup who will be a cuddly lap dog, but also not super tiny. We are so excited for Ginger’s pups. Size: 25 lbs Ginger's [read more]


His name is Johnny Cash but we call him Cash, because of his nice jet black coat. His playful spirit is contagious as he usually starts a game of tag or catch me if you can around the yard. Cash stands 19 inches tall and 24lbs. Cash is AKC registered and has a nice stance (stack) that is sure to catch your eye. Cash enjoys walks on a leash, as well as free roam time. Cash loves his crate and enjoys sleeping in it most nights, but before that, Cash is ready for snuggle time. He's a good boy and we love him so much. Cash is a "guardian" dog and lives in his furever home with a family who also loves him so much. Cash thinks he is on "vacation" when he gets to visit all the AwesomeDoodle girls. 's [read more]


When Belle meets a stranger, she looks to Jordan or Angela for "approval," and then she immediately goes into "pet me! pet me!" mode. In fact, Belle can be demanding of affection. She is an all around happy dog who rarely leaves your side except to play with the other dogs now and then. But given the choice, Belle is happy to be sitting by your side, as long as you have one hand on her. She loves other dogs as long as she gets her fair share of attention. Belle is about 42lbs; a great size for those who want a dog a little smaller than a "standard," but a little bigger than a mini. Belle and Cash together make puppies who grow to be 25-40lbs. 's Past Puppies:


Sammie is no longer making AwesomeDoodles. We love Sammie but she is uber protective of her babies, to the point where we cannot have guests in the house if she is pregnant or has a litter. We love you, Sammie! Sammie is a mini, red merle Australian Shepherd, 25lbs, ASDR registered, and has one blue and one partial blue / cinnamon colored eye.  She has a few different shades of red, plus copper, and she passes these gorgeous colors on to her AussieDoodle Puppies.  Sammie gives new meaning to the term "velcro dog."  She is extremely affectionate and WILL NOT leave your side.  Sammie loves everyone in the family, and she will hang with whoever is giving her the most love. 's Past Puppies:


Maggie is considered a small standard / large mini at about 38lbs and 19″ tall. Her Sire and dam were both champions. If one could “mold” the perfect dog, it would be Maggie. I’ve never seen this girl get tired! She has her calm time, but very much enjoys her playtime, and is always ready to go. Maggie isn’t shy like some aussies; she loves everyone and absolutely loves snuggle time. Snuggling up close to your neck is her favorite. Maggie’s agility is amazing as well. I’ve had fun dogs in the past but she is blazing fast and is a frisbee star. If you’re looking for a dog to be a “show off” at the park, you might want to consider one of Maggie’s puppies. Maggie is also very well balanced around other dogs, just don’t [read more]