Breed: Poodle

Weight: 16lbs

Raised by: Jordan & Angela in Ashley, Ohio

Teddy -

Teddy is a stunning red poodle. His name fits him perfectly as he looks just like a teddy bear! He is 16 lbs and stands 13-14 inches tall. Teddy is my newest sidekick and one of my more submissive dogs. He is the furthest thing from an Alpha. He prefers to “go with the flow”, following my other dogs around so they can show him the ropes. He’s extremely loving and affectionate. He is a super cuddler and wants to be on my lap any chance he gets, but he’s not needy or demanding of attention. In our busy household with a baby and a toddler, we sometimes forget he is here because he is always just quietly relaxing on the couch, even with all the chaos around him! He is a very quiet dog who rarely barks. Teddy gets a little stressed in the car so he likes to sit in my lap as I drive so he feels secure and can see the road. He is happiest playing tag with my other dogs in the yard, or snuggled up on my lap watching TV. Teddy is the sweetest dog around!

Teddy's past puppies:

Cora (Corazon)

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