phantom blue merle aussiedoodle puppy with marble blue eyes

Kobi is a male Phantom Blue Merle F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

Congrats to: Rachel and family from Hoboken, NJ on this Boy, Kobi.

AwesomeDoodle puppy review / comments submitted by Rachel and family from Hoboken, NJ on their F1 AussieDoodle:

"Kobi is the sweetest dog ever. He is so smart - consistently ringing the bells and tells us when he needs to go outside to go potty. He is so amazing. We love him to pieces. He also loves toddlers and babies!!! Every single little kid he sees he runs up to say hi to! It’s adorable. And every single person he meets he also runs up to say hello to! The most friendly guy in town!"

Lexi X Teddy F1 AussieDoodles

Born: December 26, 2021

Estimated Size: 10-25lbs

Go Home Dates: February 20, 2022 to March 6, 2022

Notes: Possible ground delivery to Bellafonte, PA for a fee. Inquire ahead for more info.