Breed: Australian Shepherd

Weight: 50lbs

Makes: F1 AussieDoodles

Raised by: Melissa in Charlotte Hall, MD

Baker - Our Maryland Mamma

Baker – Our smart and super sweet AwesomeDoodle Mama!

Baker is our beautiful Australian Shepherd.  It is hard to take her anywhere without someone noting how beautiful she is and, of course, wanting to pet her.  Baker is a very happy dog; she loves learning new things and is a very quick learner.  Baker is very obedient and is excellent off-leash.  Baker loves to play fetch with either a ball or a frisbee; she also loves the water!

Baker is a very confident dog and is curious about everything.  She is very easy to take along anywhere – in the yard while working, in the car traveling, to the store shopping or to a friend’s house to visit.  She will either explore or lay where she can keep an eye on her people.  She is not a barker, but will alert you if a car drives up the driveway or someone is at the door.  Baker loves car rides and has traveled to New York, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Virginia, West Virginia and throughout Maryland.  She loves being around her people and enjoys meeting new people.  Baker loves cuddling and belly rubs!

Baker has an average energy level.  She is content as long as she is with (or near) her people.  Baker can entertain herself well if you don’t have the time to take her for a walk or throw the ball.   As you can tell, we love our Aussie and feel she is the best!

Baker's past puppies:

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