Breed: F1 AussieDoodle

Weight: 14lbs

Raised by: Michael and Lois in Wethersfield, Connecticut

Marli -

Marli is a F1 Merle AussieDoodle; the daughter of our sweet girl Dani. Lois and Mike choose Marli for her unique color markings and demeanor that was displayed early in her development. She displays many of the same qualities that her mother Dani has. She is very smart and active, but chilled at the same time. When playingwith Dani, Marli clearly doesn’t know that she is half her size! Marli was easily trained early on and will sit, roll over, fetch a ball and frisbee, and ring the bell to go outside. This fluffy girl is sweet and cuddly, and loves her morning belly rubs. She’s excited to welcome everyone at the door with a big smile ad adorable wiggly butt!

Marli's past puppies:

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