Michael and Lois

Raises: F1 AussieDoodles, F1b AussieDoodles

Home Town: Wethersfield, Connecticut

Airport pickup: BDL Bradley international

Michael and Lois - Michael and Lois raise AussieDoodle puppies in Wethersfield, Connecticut.

“We and have fallen in love with how Awesomedoodle raises puppies.” Michael is in Construction and Lois is a Realtor who works from home. While searching breeders, we came across Awesomedoodle and immediately knew we had to have our furever family dog from them. We immediately got on the list and quickly became addicted to the Puppy Cam. We couldn’t get enough of the Puppy Cam that consumed every spare moment, watching, waiting and wondering what our future Awesomedoodle would look like.
As the weeks and months went by and as we patiently waited for our names to be next in line, one day we were speaking to Tom and he asked if we would be possibly interested in a female Australian Shepard that he was planning on breeding. We asked for pictures and a brief description and of course Tom described puppy that was sweet, affectionate, and smart. Plus, great with other puppies and dogs and can catch a Frisbee. He described Dani “The Super” Aussie that we automatically fell in love with the idea of Dani. We wanted Dani and quickly became part of the AwesomeDoodle Family. After a family vacation flew to Kentucky to pick up Dani our new 6-month-old Australian Shepherd to bring her to our home and her furever home where she will live, play and raise future AwesomeDoodles. Dani met us in the driveway with Tom and greeted us as if she knew we were family. Tom sadly said his good byes but new that Dani was in great hands and would be forever loved and cared for. See Dani below to hear everything about her.

Michael and Lois's Pets:*

Dani, the Super Aussie

Dani, the Super Aussie is a 26lb Australian Shepherd and makes the cutest F1 AussieDoodles

*Some pets may live in their furever homes with other families. Read about our guardian program here.