Breed: F1 AussieDoodle

Weight: 37lbs

Makes: F1b AussieDoodles

Raised by: Melissa in Charlotte Hall, MD

Gidget - Our Sweet Girl

Gidget is our beautiful, smart and loving F1 AussieDoodle. She is from a Frankie X Rocket litter and is a wonderful dog!

From day one, she has been an Awesome AussieDoodle. She learns quickly and retains everything she learns even if you haven’t used the verbal or visual commands regularly. Gidget has earned various nicknames due to her endearing traits. She is ‘Sweet Girl’ due to her super sweet nature. Gidget loves everyone (animals and humans) and has yet to meet someone she doesn’t end up liking. Due to how she never loses control or focus (no distracting her!), our sons refer to her as ‘Ms Gidgy’ when they feel she is acting mature and beyond her age. My husband and I like to call her ‘Gidgy’ because she has learned silly tricks she likes to do on command. For example, if you hold both your hands up facing her, she will immediately roll over and wiggle on her back until you give her a belly rub. Gidget LOVES belly rubs! She has also earned the nickname ‘Cheetah’ when she is outside playing, as she is FAST. She runs circles around any dog when we play fetch.

Gidget will watch us and if she senses we are stressed or frustrated at our desks (due to work), she will insert herself between you and your computer, put her paws on your chest and lean black to look at you as if to say ‘You, okay? Need a hug?’

Gidget is a great companion. She pays attention to details and notices if anything (human or object) is out of place in the surrounding environment. There have been several occasions where she prevented me from injury just by barking and getting in between me and the danger- until I finally noticed it. She was not trained to do this which is amazing as it shows the intelligence levels and devotion of AussieDoodles. She only barks when she hears or sees something (to alert us). If she wants to go outside to potty, Gidget will bring us our shoes-one by one; it is her way of saying, ‘Guys-I need a break’.

Gidget is our dog that has the energy level you need when you want it. If you want to go for a run, Gidget will run until your shoes wear out. If you want to just sit on the couch reading a book, watching a movie or napping, Gidget is ready to join you-although she will not go on the couch unless she is invited. Even if she was on the couch just 10 minutes earlier, if she gets off, she will lay at or on your feet until you tell her ‘up’.

So, if you are looking for a puppy that can handle any activity when you want it, is easily trained, obedient, devoted to their human, and loves to cuddle/give hugs then Gidget’s pups are the perfect choice.


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