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  • Charley is a “extra mini” tri-color poodle.

    Charlie is the new little / big man on the block. We’ve been so excited for Charley to become of age, and so has he. Charlie is a very confident and bold little guy. He loves all people and can’t wait to meet strangers. He plays with all the other dogs nicely and has never shown any aggression towards other dogs or humans. He rarely barks, he’s not a digger, he doesn’t submissively pee, and doesn’t have any other weird behaviors. He’s a great dog all the way around… the type of dog any family would love to have. He likes to swim and loves to fetch the ball.

    Charlie is not shy, and not afraid of anything or anyone. He is very outgoing and confident. He goes to the brewery and all the people dote over him. If you’re wanting a small AussieDoodle without any “small dog” yappy behaviors (common in very small dogs), Charley is your man. He’s got the big dog behaviors in a mini package.

    Charlie will have lots of “Angels” as he will sire many of our mini / toy size litters.

  • Size: 12 – 15lbs