Raises: F1 AussieDoodles

Home Town: Louisville, KY

Airport pickup: SDF (Louisville, KY)

Tom - Raising the smartest AussieDoodle Puppies in Louisville, KY

I raise my Mini AussieDoodle Puppies in Louisville, KY, which is perfect location if you’re looking for AussieDoodles in Nashville, Alabama or Mississippi.

I have a passion for AussieDoodles because they are the perfect combination of the intelligence and loyalty of the Australian Shepherd, plus the intelligence and happy go lucky attitude of the poodle.

I have one dog, Winnie, But I have a few other guardian dogs (who live in their forever homes) and they come to my home to have their AussieDoodle puppies.

I raise my puppies in my office where I spend lot of time. Like all AwesomeDoodle Puppies, after 5 weeks old, they get to roam my kitchen, just like they were my own forever dogs. This makes your puppy well rounded and gives it great start on socializing to all the home sounds.

Tom's Pets:*


Charley is a 15lb Poodle


Darla is a 42lb Australian Shepherd and makes the cutest F1 AussieDoodles


Humphrey is a 22lb Poodle

Upcoming Litter(s):
Miss Grace X Humphrey F1b AussieDoodles

*Some pets may live in their furever homes with other families. Read about our guardian program here.