Breed: Poodle

Weight: 22lbs

Raised by: Tom in Louisville, KY

Humphrey - He is a very playful, handsome, and energetic poodle!

Humphrey is a poodle and he is the son of Jackpot. Everyone loves Humphrey’s puppies and we love this little guy. He’s gentle, he’s fun, and he will do anything for some hugs.

Humphrey is just over 20lbs. His owner is an avid outdoors-men and he loves to hike, swim (in pools and lakes and streams) and do just about anything outdoors. He is fast and agile on his feet, and he is never far from his people.

What we love most about Humphrey is his temperament. He simply doesn’t have a mean bone in his body. A human or another dog can take away his food or toys and he never protects his resources. If you’re looking for a guard dog, Hump is NOT your man. ha ha. He is great around kids and loves to meet new people. He is good with other dogs of all sizes and he is submissive (but not whimpy) with all people and other dogs. He barely even barks when someone is at the front door. Like most poodles, Humphrey is super smart and this makes him a true companion.

He RARELY barks unless he is in the back yard and wants in the house. He doesn’t do any annoying behaviors like digging or chewing. He is an all around perfect little guy.

While he is energetic like most poodles, he knows when it’s time to be calm and he’s happy to nap with you for hours.

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