Mabry is a female Black Phantom F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

Congrats to: Joseph and Olivia from Atalanta on this Girl, Mabry.

AwesomeDoodle puppy review / comments submitted by Joseph and Olivia from Atalanta on their F1 AussieDoodle:

Mabry is 11 weeks and doing great. She has sit, watch me, leave it, down and come. She struggles with stay but can do it sometimes. She just had a bath and did great! She surprises us every week with a new thing she’s curious about and getting in to. We’re having a great time with her! Thanks for the articles! -  Joseph

blue merle aussiedoodle

Petunia x Humphrey F1 AussieDoodles

Born: February 15, 2020

Estimated Size: 20-35lbs