Charli. See more photos below.

Charli is being raised by:

Morgan & Diane’s Affectionate Toy and Mini AussieDoodles

Diane and Morgan raise their toy and mini size AussieDoodles in Louisville, KY. Their puppies are some of our most wanted, because of the extra time they spend in the puppy box, handling the pups. When I (Tom) first saw Morgan in our neighborhood (in Louisville), walking her dog on a "loose leash," I asked her if she was a dog trainer. She said, "No, I just like walking dogs." Then I asked her what high school she goes to, and if she would like a job walking dogs. She replied, "Yes but I'm in 8th grade and I'll [read more]

  • “We can’t thank you enough for giving us our little silver lining Charli Love! We are totally in love with her and couldn’t be happier! Sharon, thank you for all the super cute gifts, advice and all the answers to our questions! Erin, thank you so much for driving her closer to us! Without your help, we couldn’t have done it. Tom, thank you for all the amazing videos you have on your website! Diane & Morgan, thank you for raising this beautiful bundle of joy and for the amazing gifts you sent to us with Erin. Can’t believe you even personalized a blanket for Charli! That was really sweet of you! We know she is missing her mom and her siblings right now but we are doing the best we can to make her happy.

    During the first night she kept waking up every two hours crying so I took her each time to the litter box and she peed and even pooped one time. She then couldn’t take the crate anymore and I got her out at around 6am. It is ok! We know the first few nights can be tough, but we take it! We know it will get easier over time.

    Thanks again for everything! You are all wonderful!”  — Gaby, Kevin, Alexa & Max


    I can’t thank you enough for all the information that you guys share with us all the time. I don’t know of another breeder that works like you guys. I am so impressed and I feel so blessed that I came across to your website when I was researching to get my AussieDoodle.

    I keep recommending you guys to everyone I know. So far, I have one friend who already got her AD. I have given your name to other friends as well.

    Thank you again and I will stay in touch! – Gaby

    Congratulations to Gabriela and family in New Jersey on this beautiful girl! Charli is a phantom blue merle female AussieDoodle puppy with rich copper markings. She has a big white patch on her chest and a white blaze on her forehead which we don’t see often with our phantom merles. We think she will looks just like her half sister Gilley.  She is such a precious little lady!

  • Size: We estimate this Petunia X Humphrey puppy to be between 20-35 lbs full grown.

  • Born Saturday, February 15th, 2020.


Petunia is very sweet and loving, gentle dog. She is cautious of strangers at first and likes to let us know when someone pulls in the driveway. But give her 15 minutes and she will be begging you to pet her more. She loves playing with other dogs and leans on the more submissive side. She entertains herself by throwing toys around the house, picking them up and throwing them again. She loves her squeaky toys and of course her goal is to get the squeaker out. [read more]


Humphrey is a poodle and he is the son of Jackpot. Everyone loves Humphrey’s puppies and we love this little guy. He’s gentle, he’s fun, and he will do anything for some hugs. Humphrey is just over 20lbs. His owner is an avid outdoors-men and he loves to hike, swim (in pools and lakes and streams) and do just about anything outdoors. He is fast and agile on his feet, and he is never far from his people. What we love most about Humphrey is his temperament. He simply doesn’t have a [read more]

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