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Michelle and Marc’s Smartest AussieDoodle Puppies

Michelle and Marc turn mini AussieDoodle Puppies into AwesomeDoodle puppies, in Waynesboro, Georgia – not too far from Charleston, South Carolina.

When we met Marc and Michelle, we knew right away they were the kind of family who would raise AussieDoodles with all the love and attention we do.

Marc and Michelle have two kids, Morgan and Marc Owen, and are passionate members at Rosemont Baptist Church. Marc is a professional horse trainer and real cowboy, with a professional rodeo background. He and their children still compete avidly in the arena. They enjoy ranch sorting, roping, rodeos, training horses and teaching others about the sport.

Michelle is a graduate from the University of Georgia and is a high school math teacher. She gets everyone where they need to be every day, and is the GLUE that holds the family together. Whether it’s a softball game, basketball, football, mom is there to save the day.

Marc and Michelle were both born on the farm and still enjoy the ranch lifestyle today. By raising Morgan and Marc Owen on the farm, they hope their children will follow in their footsteps. Maybe they will be AwesomeDoodle partners too someday? Marc and Michelle have raised high quality Australian Shepherds for  years, and have brightened the lives of many families with their fun loving, raised in the home, affectionate puppies. As much as they love their Aussies, the AussieDoodle became so attractive, due to their intelligence and their loving and playful personalities. Let’s not forget their low to no shedding AussieDoodle coats. This leaves more time to enjoy the dogs and less time cleaning.

Michelle’s Pets:


Skyler is a spunky fun loving little toy sized Aussie girl. She lives with us in our home near Atlanta, Georgia. Skyler has all the color and markings that you would want in a blue merle. She is very affectionate and loves her person or ‘persons’. Shes been with us through multiple litters from other females and she just loves puppies. She is a great babysitter. Skyler is very sweet and attentive. She is the typical velcro dog, never far from her person. She loves to play with our older, larger dogs and enjoys going outside on adventures. Overall, she’s just a spectacular companion and we adore her. We look forward to Sky’s first litter and fully expect her to be a great little mommy! [read more]


AKC Kissing Bandit is a red and white parti poodle.  Bandit is a super affectionate young man and is very low key. He gets along with all of our dogs as well as our family. Bandit is loved by all, including our groomer, who has a extensive history showing poodles stated that he is a very nice poodle and has great characteristics. Bandit comes with good ratings from OFA and has a clear genetic panel through Paw Prints Genetics.  This awesome guy has been sought out for his services through artificial insemination by several other high end breeders. These breeders say that he always produces small puppies with good color. Bandit has a really nice coat quality and requires minimal maintenance. Bandit is a hard to find type of male poodle exhibiting nice color, conformation, health, personality [read more]


Keeper is an F1 Mini Aussiedoodle. She is a stunning blue merle with 1 ½ blue eyes.  Keeper will produce F1B AussieDoodle puppies. This sweet girl has low to medium energy level. She is perfectly content to lay around most of the day but she loves to play her with doggie friends. She is so sweet that she can even get our older working aussie to play with her.  Never once have we heard or seen Keeper get upset with a dog or person. Keeper is not a velcro dog in the sense that she follows only one person around the house. She loves everybody. If someone is sitting down watching tv, working on the computer, or eating dinner Keeper is sitting on your feet. She loves to be near her family.Keeper knows when it is time [read more]

Lefty the F1B AussieDoodle Mama

Lefty is an AussieDoodle, and she makes F1B AussieDoodles puppies. If you have allergies, a F1B is “poodle X AussieDoodle” so they are a little better for people who have allergies. They are also VERY low to ZERO shedding. In almost every photo we see of Lefty, she’s either being held or on the couch. She is quite the lover and one of our lesser energy dogs. She is definitely quite clingy and tends to want to be a lap dog. But she is happy to go outside and romp around the ranch as well. If you’re looking for a 20lb lap dog, who can also swim, play fetch, and hike and camp with you, you may want to consider Lefty’s Puppies. [read more]


This is Atticus. He is the friendliest dog you will ever meet. He loves everyone he meets and greets them with a smile whether it’s a person or a dog. Atticus enjoys playing with toys, working for treats, and playing all over the farm. He thinks he is a cow dog, please don’t tell him otherwise. While Marc is working at the barn, Atticus goes from horse to horse making sure everyone is in place. [read more]

Willow’s Smartest AussieDoodle Puppies

Willow is a 30 lb beautiful miniature blue merle Australian Shepherd female. Willow is a character for sure. She is one of the most loving dog we have ever owned. She took ownership of our family right from the start and has established herself as queen bee! She absolutely demands attention by jumping in your lap and nudges your hand until you pet her. We are more than happy to give her the love she desires. She is very well behaved, smart and has the sweetest personality ever. She never misses the opportunity to go for a ride and to take her boy (Marc Owen) to school. She loves to go out on the farm and play with the other dogs but wherever her family is, that is where she wants to be. [read more]