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Atticus puppies are raised by:

  • This is Atticus. He is the friendliest dog you will ever meet. He loves everyone he meets and greets them with a smile whether it’s a person or a dog. Atticus enjoys playing with toys, working for treats, and playing all over the farm. He thinks he is a cow dog, please don’t tell him otherwise. While Marc is working at the barn, Atticus goes from horse to horse making sure everyone is in place.

  • Size: 20 lbs

Atticus’ Past Puppies:


"Blue arrived home like she has always been here!! " Blue is a blue merle female AussieDoodle. She will look just like Kona when she grows. Congratulations to Sharon and Bill in Virginia.


"Many thanks for all the resources.  And many more to Michelle for all her care.  It was so great meeting her in person and getting her wonderfully helpful information. " Ella is a tuxedo female AussieDoodle. She will look a lot like Kip  or her brother Carson when she grows up. Congratulations to Cheryl in Arizona.


Romeo "Romie" is a red bi-color male AussieDoodle. He will look a lot like Brady when he grows. Congratulations to John and Santhi in California.


Dinah is a tuxedo female AussieDoodle. She will look a lot like Kip or her brother Carson when she grows up. Isla is an F1-B AussieDoodle (3/4 poodle, 1/4 aussie) - her parents are Lefty & Atticus. F1b puppies usually don't shed at all and they are better for families with allergies.  Congratulations to Ives and Cliff in Colorado.


"We love Atlas so much, and are incredibly thankful to have a wonderful pup like him :)" Atlas is an adorable red bi color male aussiedoodle. He has tons of white everywhere, including two super cute white spots on the back of his neck, and a perfect white tip tail. He might look like Brady when he grows up, or since he has a different mom and dad, he may keep his darker shade of brown.  Either way, we are in love with this super cute little guy! Congratulations to Julia and Jeremy in New Jersey.


"Tod is amazing and so cute and smart! He’s training and socializing well too.  We really adore him! We can’t walk 5 steps without everyone in Toronto wanting to pet him... someone literally chased me into a store to meet him today. Oh and he also had his first bath and blow dry this weekend! He was an angel. " Tod is a stunning classic blue merle male aussiedoodle. He has all different shades of black and gray, white markings on his head, chest, paws, and an adorable white tip tail too. He will look a lot like Remy when he gets fluffy. Congratulations to Kevin and Sarah in Canada.

Ruby Rose

Ruby Rose is a black bi color female aussiedoodle. This little girl is gorgeous with tons of white everywhere, including a full white collar and white tip tail.  We think she will look a lot like her brother Toby or the super cute Chesney girl. Congratulations to Barbara and Paul in Texas.


"Please let Marc and Michelle know how much we appreciate the care and love they gave Willow x Atticus puppies.  Joey is happy, playful, secure.  He is adjusting to his forever home so quickly, loves his peeps and is already comfortable with our Kitty.  Sleeps about 6-7 hours at night, wakes up for a potty break and goes back to sleep for a couple more hours.  I hope we can live up to the standards Marc and Michelle have set.   I don't know what it is about that ducky, but it's Joey's favorite toy." Joey is a black phantom male aussiedoodle. This little guy is so adorable. He has a tiny white patch on his chest and a little white on his back paws. The copper markings on his legs and face will get more vibrant as he grows and gets fluffy. He might look like his sister Penny, but since his copper markings are already such a bright color, he might look more like Gunnar. Congratulations to Angela and Robert in California.


Oliver "Ollie"  is a red tri-color (with copper) male aussiedoodle. The red tri colors are so rare. This guy is so adorable! He has tons of white everywhere and copper markings coming out on his face and tail, which will get more vibrant as he gets fluffy. He might look like Auzzie or Coco as he gets older. Congratulations to Lauren, Will, Jinee, and Charlie in California.


Romeo is a classic red merle male aussiedoodle. His colors are stunning.  He has different shades of brown and tan, and even copper on his legs and face. He even has cute little white paws and some white on his chest and face too. We think he will look like Remi or Tilly. Congratulations to Guy and Carolyne in Canada.


"Taja is a doll, I absolutely love her.  She went to the vet, got de-wormed and her poop sample looked good.  She started puppy class yesterday and she was by far, the wildest one but also one of the only ones who didn’t snap or growl at all.  She made a friend with a 10 week old mini labradoodle.  She’s comfortable with dogs of all sizes, which is nice. Thanks so much for your continued support.  Feel free to keep sending tips!" Taja is an f1b blue merle female AussieDoodle.  Congratulations to Noah in New York.


Carson is an f1b black and white tuxedo AussieDoodle.  Congratulations to Flossie and Michael in Maryland.


"It is going great with Hudson!  He is such a sweetie and so good!  He is really getting the hang of "sit" and has been really good with a collar and leash.  I thought I had him going with a bit of fetch with a mini frisbee we got for the yard, but I'm sure that was a fluke (3 times he brought it back!) . Thanks for the new tips!  We love playing with him and teaching him new things.  He is a smarty-pants!"   Hudson is an f1b blue merle male AussieDoodle with nice white on his chest.  Congratulations to Betsy and Dave in Colorado.


"It's been great, Boomer is a total sweetie pie and he's settling in well. He gets on well with my parent's dog and has only had a couple of accidents in the house. He went to the vet and everything was great. We actually started using a leash on the way home and he's completely good with it now (although I usually put him in a harness because I don't like the pressure on his neck if the leash is attached to his collar).  Anyways, Boomer is doing great here in Texas, we love him very much! "   Boomer is an f1b blue merle male AussieDoodle.  Congratulations to Suzie and Andrea in Texas.


Bella is a tuxedo AussieDoodle with a short white stripe on her chest. We love Bella and can't wait to see how she matures.  Congratulations to Cheri and Mark in Tennessee.


"Thanks so much for all the useful info! Pickup went great, it was so fun to meet Marc and Michelle! And willow too of course. She’s such a lovely dog, so affectionate and friendly! And of course we are so much in love with Penny already. She seems to be bonding to me already and is snoozing in my lap. She was chewing a little on the couple of toys I brought so I’m guessing she’s pretty comfortable and relaxed. I can tell she has some spunk, but loves to snuggle too. She is even looking me right in my eyes and holding eye contact which is lovely! " Penny is a tuxedo aussiedoodle. She is so cute and has a long stripe or an "i" on her chest.  Congratulations to Lauren and Will in Alabama.


"Riggins is awesome!  So far!  Haha.    We traveled 2 days in the car to get back to Wisconsin and he was a trooper. He didn't get car sick, which was my biggest concern since we had 2 days of travel and no way to avoid it.   We set up a small station in the way back with a dog carrier,  toys and pee pads covering the floor.   A space for him to wander other than sitting in our laps in the back seat.  He wandered into that carrier very easily.   I put the yellow duck and a bully stick in there and he'd hang there for minutes at a time.  We stopped frequently and he'd pee outside.   He loved the hotel with space to run.   He slept in the carrier next to our bed THE WHOLE NIGHT without a peep.   We couldn't have asked for a better trip.    He's acclimating to the house and we're confining him to the kitchen so far.   I don't want to use the pee pads in the house.  We've got the bell system up (we used that with our previous dog too).  We've started working on "sit".  He's very good already at looking me in the eye when I'm talking to him.    It is bitter cold today here so he's only outside for a minute or two at a time,  but he seems to like the snow.   Overall a total success so far.   Aaand... He slept the WHOLE NIGHT again last night.  We have been lucky. " Riggins is a tuxedo aussiedoodle with the ever so rare white collar and one white leg. Congrats to Lori and Keith in Wisconsin.


"We are so happy with Sam.  He's learning every day." Sam is a classic black tri-color, meaning he has black, white, and copper, and he has two white feet. What a cute boy.  Congratulations to Evey and Gary in Florida.


"All is well with Georgia!  She is acclimating so well to our family--kids, goldendoodle, guests to our home--she charms everyone.  Her vet visit was fantastic--no issues.  She is already ringing the bells and going outside to potty independently.  She is sleeping thru the night without a potty break.  We are amazed!" Georgia is what we call a "Dark blue merle" with lots of bold black markings. She will look a lot like Buddy when she is older.  Congratulations to Dana, Rachel, and Jenna in Texas. We can't wait to see Georgia grow up and get fluffy.


"Belle's doing great and is such a joy. She's well on her way with crate and potty training, and we got her to the vet this weekend as well. All of the information you provide is super helpful, and Mark was great when we picked her up as well. We also really appreciate the care gift! ; )" Belle is one of AwesomeDoodle's ever so coveted Classic blue merle females.  Congratulations to Tony and Sunny in Georgia.


"Going great. Loganberry is super smart and quick to pick things up.  Only challenge has been crate during the day - he's not having it.  Feeding him in there and trying some treat puzzles later today.  Potty training is going really well.  He went on the leash for the first time today and did amazingly well right away." Loganberry (Logan) is an exceptional blue merle boy. Wow L@@K!  Congratulations to Vera in California.


"All is going very well with Toby! He is so smart! Just wanted to say Thank You for such an Awesome pup! Your organization and the way you do everything is so Good! I really like the support emails and videos too! Toby went to the vet yesterday and all was good. Got the results of the sample today and that was all clear, too." Toby is a bi-color with a white collar and white legs. What a cute boy he is.  Congratulations to Robin and David in Colorado.