While no dogs are 100% Hypoallergenic, poodles are known to be one of the most tolerable dogs for people with allergies.

The AussieDoodle aka AussiePoo is an Australian shepherd and poodle mix (or cross breed). Short haired dogs are usually the worst with shedding and dander, while long haired dogs are known to be better.  To date, no family has ever returned one of our F1 AussieDoodles due to allergies. We have sent dozens of puppies home to families who report they have “mild allergies”, and they report no reaction to our F1 AussieDoodles.

That said, no one could ever guarantee you won’t have an allergic reaction to an AussieDoodle (or even a poodle). If you have severe allergies and really want an AussieDoodle, we would suggest getting an F1B AussieDoodle, or spending some time with a F1 AussieDoodle (if you can find one) and seeing if you have a reaction.

When two humans have a child, sometimes the child looks like mom, and sometimes like dad, and sometimes both.  With dogs, it is the same way.  In summary, there is no exact answer to this question, because it depends on the severity of the allergies.

AwesomeDoodle only raises pure F1 or F1b AussieDoodles, so you can be assured you will have a true AussieDoodle, with no chance of inbreeding or line breeding. We recommend you avoid multi generation AussieDoodles, as many breeders are mixing any two “doodles” and calling them AussieDoodles. Inbreeding is very common with some breeders, but AwesomeDoodle does not do any line breeding or inbreeding.

Bottom line, AwesomeDoodle has sent home hundreds of AussieDoodle puppies to families who claim they have allergic reactions to dogs. No families have complained of allergies.

F1 AussieDoodle = (100% Aussie X 100% Poodle)

In most cases, you will get puppies that are non (or very low) shedding, and usually people with mild allergies are not affected.  The puppy will look like a cross between an Aussie and a poodle.  Hair will be long, wavy, and need to be trimmed and groomed.

non shedding doodlesbeautiful hypoallergenic puppy

F1b AussieDoodle = (F1 AussieDoodle X 100% Poodle)

In most cases, you will get puppies that are completely non shedding, and these dogs are generally better for people with moderate / heavy allergies.   Hair is usually very curly. Notice how this F1B puppy is a little more curly than the F1 on the left.

hypoallergenic doodlesHypoallergenic F1B aussiedoodle