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Nancy and her Michigan Raised Aussies

Kim and I have raised alpacas since 2006. We have shown them all around the country. We have been raising dogs since 2004. We stumble upon the AwesomeDoodle website when we were researching, smaller yet athletic and smart dogs. A couple of my family members have aussies. We found them beautiful and fascinating but we didn’t know there were smaller ones. So went to Louisville to visit Penny, she was offered as a guardian. We were smitten by her. She is funny and silly and so smart, we had to have her for our own! We found our mini aussie girl, Sunshine shortly after we had Penny. They quickly became the best of friends! Sunshine will also become an AwesomeDoodle momma. Our girls and Hugo love running around the farm, playing ball and chasing the kitty. While we are outside all day, they enjoy playing, as long is the day long. They also love people who come to visit our farm, especially the kids who seldom tire of throwing their ball. We raise aussie doodles because we believe in these awesome dogs and we want to complete families who are looking for their own special pup!

Nancy’s Dogs:


Penny is a fun loving happy go lucky girl. She has been making us laugh since the day we brought her home. She has been a pleasure to watch mature. Likes to be outside with us, she is fun to play ball with or go exploring in the woods. Her favorite past time is to make sure the birds out around the alpaca barn take flight so she can give chase. She also loves to a swim on a hot summer day. In the evening when its time to come in the house she is a wonderful companion that loves to curl up on our lap to receive well deserved attention. If you are looking for a kind, happy puppy that will make you laugh and feel like you are the most important person ever, one of [read more]