mike family aussiedoodles


Raises: F1 AussieDoodles

Home Town: Ashley Ohio

Airport pickup: CMH Columbus

Mike’s Family AussieDoodle Puppies - Mike raises mini AussieDoodle puppies just north of Columbus, OH

Mike raises AussieDoodles north of Columbus, OH, an easy drive for families looking for an AussieDoodle in Michigan, or Pennsylvania. and he comes to AwesomeDoodle with several litters of Aussie experience. He’d been thinking on the idea of AussieDoodles since his brother in law Jordan joined AwesomeDoodle. Maybe it was a this photo of his daughter that hooked him? I (Tom) captured this moment myself when I was visiting Jordan and Mike.

You’ve probably seen Mike’s kids in some of Jordan’s videos too. They like to play with all the puppies and come and pet all Uncle Jordan’s AussieDoodle puppies.  Uncle Jordan lets then be a part of the videos when the puppies are 7 weeks old.

We’re proud to have Mike, his wife and four kids on the AwesomeDoodle Crew. But enough about him, click below to see his beautiful dogs.

Mike’s Family AussieDoodle Puppies's Pets:

Aspen  (Australian Shepherd)

A happy and adventurous girl!

Ivy  (Australian Shepherd)

She is a beauty and her puppies are too!

red poodle Ranger  (Poodle)

Ranger has an infectious free spirit.