Breed: Poodle

Weight: 15lbs

Raised by: Mike and Candace in Ashley Ohio

mike family aussiedoodles

King - His Majesty, the King

King is our sweet miniature Phantom Parti Poodle stud muffin. We just love his markings, and he is a perfect size at 15 lbs and about 15 inches tall. He lives nearby with a wonderful guardian family who treats this little guy like Royalty. Every morning King is full of life and ready to go on his walk and play a little fetch. In the evenings his highness expects some snuggle time and this thrown becomes his owners lap. King was a very easy puppy to raise, like most poodles he is very eager to please. We expect his puppies to inherit his spunk, obedience and admiration for their owners.

King's past puppies:

HoneyApricot Bi-Color AussieDoodle

Congrats to: lori and family from rochester, michigan on this Girl

CosmoBlack Bi-Color AussieDoodle

Congrats to: Lexi and family from Schaumburg, Illinois on this Boy

LoveBlue Merle w/ White & Copper AussieDoodle

Congrats to: Nancy & Family from Michigan on this Girl


ValentinoApricot Bi-Color AussieDoodle

Congrats to: Rhonda and family from Medford, MA on this Boy

"Valentino and we are doing great! We love him so much and are amazed at how well he is learning. We can’t imagine our home before he arrived!"

MookiePhantom Blue Merle AussieDoodle

Congrats to: Matt and family from Santa Monica, CA on this Boy

SimonApricot Bi-Color AussieDoodle

Congrats to: Connie and family from Mableton, GA on this Boy

ForrestBlack Tri-Color AussieDoodle

Congrats to: Paul-Ann and family from Bronx, New York on this Boy

SageBlack Phantom BerneDoodle, Black Tri-Color AussieDoodle

Congrats to: Cole and family from Cibolo, TX on this Girl

FrankyBlack Tri-Color AussieDoodle

Congrats to: Jennifer and family from Louisville, Kentucky on this Girl

CruellaBlack Tri-Color AussieDoodle

Congrats to: Katie and family from Madeira, OH on this Girl

MacBlue Merle w/ White and Copper Bernedoodle

Congrats to: Colette and family from Gurnee, IL on this Boy

apricot cream f1b bernedoodle puppy

MiacometApricot Bi-Color BerneDoodle

Congrats to: Ashley and family from Norwalk, CT on this Girl

F1b blue merle bernedoodle

ElvisBlue Merle w/ White and Copper Bernedoodle

Congrats to: Betsy and family from Topeka, KS on this Boy


RockyPhantom Blue Merle BerneDoodle

Congrats to: Alexa and family from Indianapolis, IN on this Boy

"Rocky has been doing great! He loves chew toys, blankets, cuddles, and treats. He’s even sleeping in his crate better at night. The only thing he dislikes is a mixer, but I’m sure he’ll warm up to it the more I bake. Rocky has been a pro at using the litter box and with behavior shaping. He’s also good at warming up to new things (i.e. grooming, car rides, walks). Can’t thank AwesomeDoodle enough for giving me my best friend and being an excellent resource!"

ShereBlack Tri-Color BerneDoodle

Congrats to: Navdeep and family from Midlothian, Virginia on this Boy


OsloBlack Phantom BerneDoodle

Congrats to: Clark and family from Greenville, MI on this Boy

BisouBlue Merle w/ White & Copper AussieDoodle

Congrats to: Nicolette and family from West Chester, Pennsylvania on this Boy

BunkerBlue Merle w/ White & Copper AussieDoodle

Congrats to: Kim and family from Springfield, IL on this Boy

black tri aussiedoodle puppy with one blue eye

MapleBlack Tri-Color AussieDoodle

Congrats to: Dan and family from Chagrin Falls, Ohio, OH on this Girl

"Maple is a playful and rambunctious little gal! She loves playing and snuggling with her brother Miso."

PiperBlack Tri-Color AussieDoodle

Congrats to: TIna and family from Washington, Macomb on this Girl

ZaireBlue Merle w/ White & Copper AussieDoodle

Congrats to: Tyasha and family from Fishers, Indiana on this Boy

TangoBlack Tri-Color AussieDoodle

Congrats to: Kreg and family from Belleair Beach, FL on this Boy

"It’s been a while, but I wanted to acknowledge the incredible experience we had with your Awesome Doodle team and the fabulous care and environment Nancy provided the litter that gave us Tango. He is an amazing puppy and has become a vital part of our family. Thank you for all you do!"

SageBlack Tri-Color AussieDoodle

Congrats to: Jennifer and family from Holland, Michigan on this Boy

JeffersonBlue Merle w/ White & Copper AussieDoodle

Congrats to: Michael and family from Atlanta, GA on this Boy

KodachromeBlue Merle w/ White & Copper AussieDoodle

Congrats to: Taylor and family from Chicago, IL on this Boy