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Breed: F1 AussieDoodle

Weight:  15

Keeper - Keeper is an F1 Mini Aussiedoodle.

She is a stunning blue merle with 1 ½ blue eyes. Keeper will produce F1B AussieDoodle puppies. This sweet girl has low to medium energy level. She is perfectly content to lay around most of the day but she loves to play her with doggie friends. She is so sweet that she can even get our older working aussie to play with her. Never once have we heard or seen Keeper get upset with a dog or person.
Keeper is not a velcro dog in the sense that she follows only one person around the house. She loves everybody. If someone is sitting down watching tv, working on the computer, or eating dinner Keeper is sitting on your feet. She loves to be near her family.Keeper knows when it is time to go pick up one our kids from some event. She follows us to door and patiently waits for permission to ride. It is funny though, she only wants to ride if one or both of our kids are not home. I think she believes its her job to go pick them up from somewhere.

Keeper is a great traveler. She rode in our truck with us and our 2 kids from Georgia to Texas and back perfectly. Sleeping for most of the time in the truck. She was a great companion at the horse show too. She loved the attention she got from everyone.Keeper received her name from her breeder because she was a “keeper”. The breeder planned to use her for program but luckily for us Keeper grew taller than toy-size the breeder was wanting. Now Keeper’s name stands for “Keep Away”. We have several dogs that live in our house. At treat time, they all sit and wait patiently. Keeper does to, however she makes sure to sit herself right in front of one to keep them away. Her excited expression and the way she gently pushes the other dog back always gives us a giggle.Another little funny about Keeper, she has a reputation of being a sweet dog food or toy thief. If you have watched any puppy cams from our home, you might have seen Keeper using her paws to gently and slowly reach through the puppy panels to spill the puppy food and drag it to her. She also has been known to do this with small toys too. Keeper will do the same thing if dog food is left any crate around the house. Also with her “criminal mind” she can open certain crates. We have to make sure to put her up in only one crate or she will be back out in a flash. So you can see not only a loving dog but she is smart thing too.Keeper is a smart sweetheart of a dog. She is a perfect girl for our family. We are excited to have the opportunity to share her smarts and loving personality with AwesomeDoodle friends. Michelle has given her a nickname that sums her up perfectly. Keeper is the “darling heart” of our crew.

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