Breed: Australian Shepherd

Weight:  22

Owner: Shannon

Beezy - She makes the sweetest mini f1 AussieDoodles.

Beezy lives with Shannon and she’s a litter mate to Arla who lives with Shannon’s mom Dana. She is a true miniature Australian Shepherd. She has the same Physical features and behaviors as a standard size but she’s in a miniature package weighing in at about 20 pounds. She has a soft amazing coat with beautiful blue merle markings and piercing blue Aussie eyes. She loves to try to herd Dixie when Dixie and Piper play fetch. She’s best buddies with Piper and tries to give her an advantage over Dixie who is just way too quick. But best of all, she has this gentle, loving maternal instinct. She is so careful with her stuffed animals and treats them like her babies. She carries them around in her mouth and often tries to show them to me as if she wants me to pet and admire them. When the other dogs have puppies in the house, she quietly tiptoes over by the playpen just to get a sniff of them. We are so excited about her having her first litter. I’m sure she will be the best Mom ever.

Beezy's Past Puppies

No litters yet