christmas aussiedoodle puppy

AwesomeDoodle makes it special:

If you’re getting a puppy for your family for Christmas, but your puppy isn’t ready to go home until AFTER Christmas, AwesomeDoodle will make a special video JUST for your family, introducing your puppy on video and telling you congratulations. We will even say your kid’s names in the video, if you want us to.

Surprise puppies:

AussieDoodle, BerneDoodle, SheepaDoodle puppies, or any puppy for that matter, are a lot of work to raise. Surprise! Here’s a puppy! Have fun taking care of it! After the cuteness goes away and puppy is peeing on the floor and biting your pant legs, your wife might not be too happy with you.

We highly discourage “surprising” your family with a puppy for Christmas, birthdays, etc. While we may want to surprise our kids with a puppy on Christmas, YOU are the one who will be taking care of it. So make sure you are getting a dog because YOU want one, not because your kids want one.


We often have puppies ready to go home in December, but we cannot control when mom has her puppies. If you want to surprise your family with a puppy for Christmas, you may need to get your puppy a week or two before or after Christmas. Sometimes, the timing is just right and your can pick up your puppy just a few days before Christmas. Do NOT buy a certain puppy just because the timing is right for Christmas. You’re going to have this new family member for ~15 years. Pick the puppy that is right for you. AwesomeDoodle does not raise the fees for Christmas puppies.

Pickups and deliveries:

It is almost impossible for our puppy nanny to fly your puppy to you during the holidays. We do not cargo ship puppies. However, you can fly to any of our families’ closest airport and we will meet you at the airport with your puppy. Most airlines charge about $100 to bring your puppy home on the airplane with you. Puppies cannot fly on an airplane before 8 weeks of age.

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