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You may be overwhelmed by tons of website doodle jargon, like F1 and F1B and Multi-generation. While we encourage you to read up on AwesomeDoodle to see how we raise our puppies, you don’t have to take our word for it. Read some of the reviews from our POO puppy owners below.

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When it’s time to pick a non shedding dog also a perfect family companion, families all over the USA are taking a second look at the AussieDoodle and BerneDoodle. Their inquisitive personality and dreamy eyes will make you melt, but they will also surprise you with their athletic ability to catch frizbees, swim, jog, or pretty much anything you can think of.


Congrats to: Diane and family from Easton, PA on this Phantom Blue Merle F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"Absolutely in love with our new little girl Zuzu!!! She was a dream on the 9 hour car ride from Kentucky to PA and slept the majority of the way home in my lap or snuggled by my side ? She had some BIG puppy crazy time last night once we got her settled home, but is pretty outgoing, calm, and super snuggly when in non-crazy mode. She is whip smart and learning SO quickly. These are truly genius dogs!" - Diane

aussiedoodles in Kentucky


Congrats to: Bill in Colorado on this Phantom Blue Merle F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

Eight Weeks Old. So so good. Otto is so sweet and so smart. Mostly you can tell he already knows a lot of the basics. We drove back 16 hours from picking him up and got home last night. Night one was in my camper so we just let our hair down to get through the drive and that first night in the camper. Already using the litter box like a champ. So impressed with that. Dealing with a 2 hour time change for him so our hours were a little off but he went about 6 1/2 hours in his crate last night. Crashed hard, went right in there and out cold, woke up 45 minutes later so I took him out. Put him back in the crate and he wasn’t too happy about it. Cried for about, oh maybe 5 or 7 minutes, then slept for 6 hours without a peep. Amazing. I picked him up on Friday and it was a 16 hour drive back  here, and today is Easter Sunday, so his first vet visit is tomorrow. Everything else is pretty much like you describe below. We will keep watching the videos and working with Otto. - Bill

blue merle aussiedoodle puppy with pink speckled nose


Congrats to: Azalea and family from Palmetto Bay, FL on this Blue Merle w/ White & Copper F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"Thank you so much for all the tips & info.. it has helped so much. We truly appreciate it and AwesomeDoodle is absolutely amazing. I already told the fam “we should think of getting another one” lol Blue is doing amazing, he is growing by the day!! A little out of hand with the barking but thanks to the Facebook group I've gotten great advice that seems to be working. Your pups are smart too!"



Congrats to: Kathryn and family from Parkland, FL on this Phantom Blue Merle F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"We chose the name Sparkle before our puppy arrived. When we realized how sweet she is, we renamed her Angel. This being our first pup, it is hard to believe how sweet and well behaved she is. She truly is our little Angel. We are grateful for the joy that Angel inspires in us and in everyone she meets. The VIP information on the Awesome Doodle site has been a big help with bringing Angel into our home, and in training us how to be Angel's people. Many thanks to the Awesome Doodle Family!"



Congrats to: Alexa and family from Indianapolis, IN on this Phantom Blue Merle F1b BerneDoodle puppy.

"Rocky has been doing great! He loves chew toys, blankets, cuddles, and treats. He’s even sleeping in his crate better at night. The only thing he dislikes is a mixer, but I’m sure he’ll warm up to it the more I bake. Rocky has been a pro at using the litter box and with behavior shaping. He’s also good at warming up to new things (i.e. grooming, car rides, walks). Can’t thank AwesomeDoodle enough for giving me my best friend and being an excellent resource!"

blue merle aussiedoodle puppy with white and copper


Congrats to: Frances and family from Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico on this Blue Merle w/ White & Copper F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"Bali is doing great! Crazy time has been minimum, we have a 11 yr old Westie and they love each other, she is obsessed with him LOL. She learns super quick, anything you teach she will learn the first time right away. She is now about 6.5lbs, still wondering how big will she get. She has truly brought tons of joy to our home, she is super loving and such a good girl! She just got her 3rd round of vaccines so hoping to start training classes soon."

black tri aussiedoodle puppy fresh groom


Congrats to: Doug and family from Jersey City, NJ on this Black Tri-Color F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"Luca is incredible! She is smart, loyal and hasn’t met another dog or person she hasn’t loved being around. She is playful and surprisingly obedient when we need her to be. We are so happy that Luca is in our lives and we are still excited to continue to shape her into a wonderful full grown AussieDoodle. Here’s to 8 months… Happy new year!!"

phantom aussiedoodle puppy with white points


Congrats to: Annie and family from Wantagh, NY on this Black Phantom F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"First week in the books with Mowgli!! He’s such a smart, fun, cuddly little man. Feeling so lucky to have him, especially during these times❣️" - Annie


Congrats to: Barbara and family from Ponte Vedra, FL on this Apricot Bi-Color F1b BerneDoodle puppy.

"We took him in for a check up and he’s perfectly healthy. The vet was also impressed with his amazing temperament and sweet nature. ❤️ Thank you for raising such a happy healthy awesome doodle!! ?"


Congrats to: Kreg and family from Belleair Beach, FL on this Black Tri-Color F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"It’s been a while, but I wanted to acknowledge the incredible experience we had with your Awesome Doodle team and the fabulous care and environment Nancy provided the litter that gave us Tango. He is an amazing puppy and has become a vital part of our family. Thank you for all you do!"

blue merle aussiedoodle with white copper and two blue eyes


Congrats to: Tracy and family from Kiowa, Co on this Blue Merle w/ White & Copper F1b AussieDoodle puppy.

"We’ve had our Aussiedoodle now for 3 ½ weeks and she is super sweet, fun and smart. We finally had good success with potty training by the 3rd week, she’s 100% outside or in the litter box if we aren’t quick enough. Lexi thinks everything in life should be approached with eagerness and excitement. She has mastered sit, look, leash, let’s go, go to bed, her name and here even under distraction and off leash almost 100%. She’s still working on not jumping, she gets a little over excited sometimes and just can’t quite help herself yet, but it only takes a little ignoring before she is sitting politely. She does bark and ask for a treat though if you take too long when she thinks she deserves it! She’s had her first haircut and did really well with everything, she loves the blowdryer and bites the air when it hits her face! She’s happy to go get a toy and play by herself while we are doing things around the house…she throws it around and chases it by herself. She’s great at her crate, she puts herself in bed at night without a peep about 9pm, she has a small playpen with litter box and 2 toys in her crate and we don’t hear from her until we get up around 6, she’s always laying in her bed when we get up so not sure how long she would actually stay in there. She’s happy to stay in her crate patiently when I need to go outside for a bit or take the other dogs out, she does very well. She’s very sweet, well-adjusted and even at her most excited moment you can still get her attention about 98% of the time and help her be productive. We’ve had so much fun with her, she’s just a little bundle of happy."


Congrats to: Joseph and Olivia from Atalanta on this Black Phantom F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

Mabry is 11 weeks and doing great. She has sit, watch me, leave it, down and come. She struggles with stay but can do it sometimes. She just had a bath and did great! She surprises us every week with a new thing she’s curious about and getting in to. We’re having a great time with her! Thanks for the articles! -  Joseph

blue merle phantom aussiedoodle puppy

Juliette (Jules)

Congrats to: Dorothy and family from Aliso Viejo, California on this Phantom Blue Merle F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"Juliette (Jules) is doing so great! She is growing so fast. The vet says that she will be 40+ lbs which is great. We thought she would be around 25-30 due to her small size compared to her litter mates. She is incredibly intelligent and is doing very well with “Sit, Stay, Here, Come, and Leave It” as well as Leash training. We have been reminding her that barking is not allowed. She loves to jump so we are working on reminding her not to jump up on people. She is such a love and snuggler! Please let Natalie know that she is doing great!"

black tri aussiedoodle with full white chest


Congrats to: Patricia from Oakwood, OH on this Black Tri-Color F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"Scarlett is 8 months old and is wonderful - awesome actually. She's sweet and spunky and loves meeting people and especially kids. Our daily trip to the local dog park is the highlight of the day and helps wear this puppy out. She goes to daycare one day a week while I'm still working from home. She can't wait to get out of the car when we get there. She can barely keep her eyes open on the drive home. Thanks! I refer to the website often and appreciate all the information there."


Congrats to: Seve and family from Fort Worth, TX on this Black Phantom F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"We love our little Willow, she's great. - She loves rope toys and playing fetch. She also enjoys going on walks/hikes and travelling. She loves playing with other dogs and meeting people! The vet called her one of the most well behaved dogs he's ever worked with. - She does not like greenies or going potty with the sprinklers on haha. - We take her almost everywhere with us. We love going out for food and drinks at restaurants and breweries with patios and she enjoys watching other people and dogs and getting loved on by anyone who passes by. - She learns commands very quickly but she is also stubborn so she will stare us in the eyes and disobey when she feels like it. But she's too cute to get angry at! - She works well with commands but we are working on backyard barking and pulling on the leash but other than that, she does great. She started sleeping through the whole night the second night we had her! We will find some videos to send but her instagram is @_willow.doodle. Thank you so much for being there for us!!"

black and white aussiedoodle


Congrats to: Tara and family from Renton, WA on this Black Tri-Color F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"Teagan is a sassy, fluffy ball of energy."

black tri colored aussiedoodle puppy

Sparky Miguel

Congrats to: Paola and family from Ypsilanti , Michigan on this Black Tri-Color F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"Sparky is doing great! He is pretty good at sit, stay and focus (eye contact), he’s also loving his crate and learning how to ring a bell for potty breaks ❤️, he is so smart! We are doing online training and so far so good, still trying to teach him some leash skills that’s what he struggles the most but we are on it!"


Congrats to: Angie and family from Charlestown, MA on this Black Phantom F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"Our Pickles is the LOVE OF OUR LIFE. I've never met a more calm, well behaved, loving and BEAUTIFUL puppy. He melts everyone's heart who meets him. He's playful and fun outside with other puppies and calm, sweet and cuddly inside with EVERYONE!! We are beyond grateful for this perfect little angel."



Congrats to: Emily and family from Collegeville, PA on this Red Tri-Color F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"First off, thank you for making the process of getting a puppy (a first for our family—we have never had a dog) so enjoyable. Second, the guides and videos, suggestions of toys/treats/crates were invaluable. And lastly, thank you for giving us the missing piece to our family puzzle. My husband and I have one daughter, now 9. We fell into our routine and were very happy just being the “three musketeers”. It’s a hard transition to go from your uninterrupted daily schedule of 3 to having a puppy (aka newborn). But we literally can’t imagine what life without her would be like. She’s SUCH A GOOD DOG!!!!! We stuck to all your advice and training and everyone says she’s a polite puppy with a BIG personality. Nauset does her commands flawlessly (sit, stay, “more”—taps our knee with nose instead of jumping for food)—unless she’s mad about something then she acts a tad sassy which is still cute?. But she loves us too much to hold onto it. She is absolutely gorgeous—we get stopped daily and asked where we got her and always point them in your direction. Most of all, Nauset knows we are her people and she is our family—we would do anything for her. We love her so much and she shows us love everyday. My daughter got her fur sister and Nauset has completed our family without a doubt."

black phantom aussiedoodle puppy with haircut


Congrats to: Paula and family from Noblesville, IN on this Black Phantom F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"Just wanted to let you know Tessa is amazing…. 25 pounds of sweetness. Well behaved, gentle, loves any age people and dogs. Easy to train. Silly and goofy… We can’t write enough of what joy she had brought to us. We would recommend Darla puppies and AwesomeDoodle with confidence."


Congrats to: Tracy and family from Kiowa, CO on this Black Tri-Color F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"He might be the smartest puppy ever ? you might think I’m biased but I’ve barely had to work with this guy or teach him things…he just gets it almost right away…sometimes I think he speaks English because he just knows what I say. So far he’s mastered in any environment and with the other dogs here, sit, down, enough, go potty, eat your own (food), get a toy, off (except the dishwasher), give it (unless it’s food), he plays fetch if the other two aren’t around so he does – ready – go get it – bring it here – give it really well, and gentle…the other day he bit on me a little hard and I said gentle and he just held my hand in his mouth super soft and looked at me. We’re still working on leave it…he’s great at it unless he just decides to ignore you a little and then you may have to go help…it will come with time and look is mediocre but we really just need to work on it more and I say “leash” when we put collars and leashes on…sometimes he’s good and sometimes he can’t not try to bite it. he’s great at wait at the house door but we struggle at the gates and at my husbands work he did when I had to go out the door but he barked at me a couple times to say he wasn’t happy about it ? He's really just about the best little guy we could have asked for…he’s just calm and mellow, he plays great with the other two…if he’s not with them he’s super happy to play on his own with toys, he loves when you pet him or give him attention but if you don’t that’s fine too! He barely jumps on anyone, he lines up for treats with he other dogs and waits his turn (unless it’s a sardine…then he’s not polite…but it’s improving). He’s just a super easy guy and just happy almost all the time! We totally love him and enjoy having him…I’m sure some things will pop up along the way but if the first 2 months are any indication working through them will be a breeze with this guy! If we had him first I’d probably get 5 more!! Just joking…I’m pretty sure we are done! Our clan is all happy, mostly very nicely trained, and they all enjoy playing together really nicely and have so much fun!! He loves his big brother and sister but I love that he’s super independent too and doesn’t need them for support. Enzo and Lexi both do well apart too except that Lexi gets bored and needs attention if the other two aren’t around, but outside of that we’re super happy with our AwesomeDoodle clan!! Individually they are all almost perfect..all together in public a little less but not horrible…our goal this summer is to fix that!! I wouldn’t trade them for anything!! And when we go out I almost always have someone ask where we got our puppies and write down your website…so hopefully some other puppies can find super nice homes!"

phantom aussiedoodle f1b puppy

Sgt Pepper

Congrats to: Leslie and family from Saint Petersburg, FL on this Black Phantom F1b AussieDoodle puppy.

"I had a great experience with Awesome Doodle and with Martha. I think it's great how this website can connect you to family breeders around the country who you know are going to provide a loving childhood home for the puppies to grow up in during some of the most pivotable weeks of their lives. I loved being able to see my puppy in the web cam and had it open as often as I could. My coworkers and I would watch it at work, trying to figure out which puppy was mine. By the time I went to pick up my puppy, I knew all the dogs by name. Sgt Pepper loves people more than anything, and she loves to cuddle. She was timid at first, but has become brave. We go swimming at the beach, kayaking, and playing at the park. She has beautiful copper markings that are getting more visible as she gets older. She weighs around 20 pounds and has gotten nice long poodle legs. She is full of personality and life. She is such a great dog and worth the wait."


Congrats to: Tim and family from St Paul, MN on this Apricot Bi-Color F1b BerneDoodle puppy.

"Georgie is weighing in at about 8.75 lbs (almost 14 weeks old), and is so darn smart! He is learning things so quickly...not all of these things are good things, but it has been pretty easy to redirect his attention to more positive behaviors. We just love this little fur ball so much!"

black tuxedo aussiedoodle puppy in bandana


Congrats to: Kim and family from High View, WV on this Black Tuxedo F1b AussieDoodle puppy.

"It's hard to believe we've had Sestra for 9 weeks already. It's been a lot of fun watching the dynamic between her and Hemi and they've fast become the best of buds. It's been amazing getting a second AwesomeDoodle. The challenges I had with Hemi are virtually non-existent with Sestra, and I give Hemi all of the credit for that as he is the one that takes the brunt of Sestra's puppy crazy time and incessant biting. Hemi has been a real trooper and because he's the one to burn off her energy, she's quite the lovable, calm, snuggle bug with us. It's been absolutely great. Her training has gone extremely well and I'm still shocked at how well she listens for a 4 month old puppy. I attribute this to Hemi as he seems to have taught her the cues to the behaviors we're expecting. She has a fantastic "sit" and "down", a very strong "leave it", "stay" and "release" and a pretty good "come" (excellent without distractions, and pretty decent when outdoors with distractions). She understands and complies with "off" and "enough" (used to calm her when she becomes exceptionally rowdy with Hemi) and is spectacular with our "no bite" command which has prevented many holes in us, Hemi, and our blankets! She's been taught to ring bells to both go out and to come back in and she's been consistently utilizing them for several weeks now. She's only met a few other dogs so far and was a little timid with my sister's humongous 100+ pound golden retriever and incredibly tall and rambunctious mixed breed shepherd, but after her initial reluctance, she was accepting, if not fully appreciative, of their attention. She absolutely loves people and her little tail starts wagging when she sees people even at a distance. She's a wonderful traveler and has adapted fabulously to traveling and living in our camper. She rides on our ATV with us and did absolutely great on a recent trip to an ATV park; she wasn't scared at all of the noise and commotion and would just wag her tail when other people rode by. She has developed a respectful relationship with my chickens and is able to mingle with them while they're free ranging. Stuart the Rooster has accepted her into his flock and she has a healthy understanding of which hens prefer she stays further away so she wisely keeps her distance from them. :) We couldn't be happier with her and we're so glad we decided to get a second AD. She has a great personality, she's a nice size, she's been a wonderful friend for Hemi, and a lovable and attentive companion for us. We love her to death and pray she lives a super long and healthy life with us and her big brother, Hemi Doodle. I also wanted to let you know that our second experience with AwesomeDoodle was even better than the first (this time we got to watch the puppy cam!!) so thank you for being a wonderful resource and a great breeder. A special thanks to Michelle and Mark who we have no doubt influenced the snuggly personality and foundational training for Sestra. You guys rock!"

black tri aussiedoodle puppy with one blue eye


Congrats to: Dan and family from Chagrin Falls, Ohio, OH on this Black Tri-Color F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"Maple is a playful and rambunctious little gal! She loves playing and snuggling with her brother Miso."

blue merle phantom aussiedoodle puppy with rich copper


Congrats to: Neil from New York, NY on this Phantom Blue Merle F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"Franklin loves playing with anything that squeaks just as much as he loves burrowing himself into pillows on the couch. He’s interested in other dogs but is still a little shy on the playing front. He walks on a leash nice and is SO good with new people. He’s been on the subway, in stores, near fountains and sprinklers, and even taken the bus in the city. He is very interested in pools, and likes to sit on the first step, but has yet to swim. He’s good in the car as well. He goes into his crate, which is right next to my bed, at 10:30 every night and nuzzles to sleep. Franklin loves frozen green beans, ice cubes, frozen towels to chew on, and any food puzzle game. He loves bully sticks. He hates the vacuum and when I go in the shower. He likes to lay on the cold tile on the bathroom floors. Thanks for all of the communication and tip/advice over the past 9 weeks since I picked him up. I am so happy to have found such a great dog, and AwesomeDoodle made what could have been a VERY stressful experience very rewarding, and the best bonding experience for me and my new buddy."

adult aussiedoodle black phantom at the beach


Congrats to: Julie and family from Huntsville, AL on this Black Phantom F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"Daisy is a bit over 1.5 years old now. She is 10.5 lbs and full of joy. She continues to love training and learning new ways to impress us. Daisy goes everywhere with us to include planes, boats and trains. She is an expert travel companion and taking her on our adventures has been so much fun. Thank you AwesomeDoodle for being a careful, caring, nurturing and all around excellent breeder that puts the pups first. Daisy’s start to life was positive and carefully considered!"

phantom bernedoodle after groom with bright copper and white


Congrats to: Christine and family from Belfast, ME on this Black Phantom BerneDoodle F1 BerneDoodle puppy.

"Beppo is doing so great. Some of his favorite things: sticks, the first moment when he sees me in the morning, hikes with the family, laying outside on the back deck or in the yard. Dislikes: doesn’t have many! He’s so happy go lucky! He does sometimes barf in the car, but it’s not a big deal. Socializing: Beppo comes with us wherever we go, he’s just part of the family. He is so well adjusted that when we had our fire alarm system go off at 1am, he didn’t bark, howl or act scared. He’s happy to meet other dogs, people, etc. And he finally doesn’t whine in the car! How he’s smart: Beppo is just so intuitive. He knows when he’s done something we aren’t happy about, like chew on the baseboards, and usually comes right over and sits down almost like an apology. That said, he’s almost 100% potty trained, and has had only one accident this week. He likes to be “off leash” in the yard, which he was trying to tell me by carrying his leash in his mouth. At first I thought he was just teething or being obnoxious, but when I let the leash down, he started trotting proudly beside me, head held high. I was curious and walked away from him, turned around, called him to come, and he came flying back to me, leash in mouth, did a lap around me and sat down for a treat. It’s now a game of recall that we play together. He sits, lies down, stays, does look at me, is getting so good at leave it, and we can’t wait to teach him more in his upcoming training classes. We will try to shoot a video of his awesomeness soon! I can’t say thank you enough for this wonderful creature. He has brought such joy to our family!"

phantom blue merle aussiedoodle cuddling


Congrats to: Katie and family from Newport, KY on this Phantom Blue Merle F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"The sweetest troublemaker I have ever met"


Congrats to: Diane and family from Queen Creek, Arizona on this Black Phantom F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"After an 18 hr round trip?? journey, Rae is home ?? Can’t say enough about Diane and Morgan?? Rae is confident, a snuggler, smart as heck and full of vim and vigor (lots of positive energy?) Couldn’t ask for for a sweeter puppy and a better experience! Makes the waiting well worth it!!" - Diane

black tri f1b aussiedoodle puppy


Congrats to: Emily and family from Oakland, California on this Black Tri-Color F1b AussieDoodle puppy.

"Remy is a 10 week old 5 lb ball of fluff and fury! He is spunky and smart."

phantom aussiedoodle puppy outside


Congrats to: Anu and family from Sharon, Ma on this Black Phantom F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"Thank you awesome doodle!! Grizzly is a total love and has completed our family!!! He is the most gentle, fun loving puppy and has filled our home with a special love we didn’t know was missing! We are working hard on potty training and he is sleeping through the night - which has been an amazing bonus in these puppy days!!! My two boys have greatly benefited from his calm and loving demeanor and he is a total joy to be around!"


Congrats to: Marilyn and family from Columbia, TN on this Phantom Blue Merle F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"We picked up our puppy yesterday. She has had an easy transition to our home. Put her in the kennel last night. Nancy played classical rest music at night, so we played the same thing. Within five minutes, she calmed and went to sleep. Took her to the vet and pet store today. Everyone she meets says she is beautiful. They also comment on how sweet and laidback her personality is. No accidents so far. The only time she didn’t get outside was my fault, so she used the litter box. What an Awesome Doodle. Thank you to everyone who helped us with getting Bella. Even when I was crazy puppy mama-to-be you were very helpful. I want to especially thank Nancy as she did a great job raising these puppies."

blue eyed blue merle with white and copper aussiedoodle puppy


Congrats to: Patricia and family from Dallas, TX on this Blue Merle w/ White & Copper F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"Blaze is an Awesome Doodle. Probably 22 people in the last 2 days stopped us and asked where she is from, and I said Awesome Doodle from Michigan! She picked an old purse of mine from when I lived in California. She has her leash, her baby and her chewy rope and blankie in there…she hops in and barks at me…that means she wants to go ridin’ in the car. If I do not respond quickly she will get the leash and pull it out of her purse and run around until she has my undivided attention. She is hilarious!!! Shannon, thank you for this precious angel!!!"


Congrats to: Haley and family from Windham, NH on this Phantom Blue Merle F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"Barley has been great! She already knows sit, down, roll, spin and handshake and has been loving her puppy school! She has moved from puppy preschool to puppy kindergarten and is working on leave-it and loose lease walk now. She loves playing fetch with her balls, and we are staring to introduce a frisbee which she also loves. She is still picky with eating her kibble, but the vet says her weight is okay. Otherwise, she has really been the perfect puppy!"

blue merle aussiedoodle with white and copper and one blue eye


Congrats to: Samantha and family from Trumbull, CT on this Blue Merle w/ White & Copper F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"Cooper is doing great with his commands! He is crazy smart and will do just about anything for his chicken treats lol. He definitely tests us with his crazy puppy time though. Lately if we tell him “off” or “no” or “leave it” when he’s biting on something he’s not supposed to he goes ballistic and growls/barks and bites at us. We know it’s not forever but those sharp little teeth sure do hurt! But he is such a love and truly a good boy when he’s not acting like a maniac. We couldn’t be more thankful to Natalie and Kris for the wonderful work they did from the get go with him!"


Congrats to: Wendy and family from Humble, Texas on this Black Phantom F1b AussieDoodle puppy.

"Twix Thunderpaw is the cutest little busybody around. He is learning how to walk on a leash without tripping us left and right....definitely a work in progress ? but he’s mastered sit, down, and shake. Smart little guy (Thank you Martha❣️)"


Congrats to: David and Robin and family from Centennial, CO on this Black Tri-Color F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"Welcome to our home sweet little Buster. He is so smart. He came potty trained! Thank you Dana for your special care."


Congrats to: Patti and family from Driftwood, Texas on this Blue Merle w/White F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"Thank you so much for all the videos and pictures. This girl has my heart! They do such a good job with these pups and it shows in the temperament of BluBelle. It definitely makes it easier for me. Please tell Michelle thanks for us! BluBelle adjusted so well to us and our home today!"

black tri aussiedoodle puppy with a ball


Congrats to: Ted and family from Demarest, NJ on this Black Tri-Color F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"I know every new family says their puppy is the best but I have to say he is! ? he is so smart!! He goes into the crate at night on his own and without a treat! And is holding out til around 6/6:30 am if we put him in around 11!"

blue merle aussiedoodle with kid


Congrats to: Kathy and family from DeKalb, Illinois on this Blue Merle w/ White & Copper F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"Cody is 7 months old and is the smartest most loving dog I have ever owned! He has sailed through puppy and advanced puppy class and is now working on Canine Good Citizen! We are hoping to take him all the way to become a therapy dog!"


Congrats to: Shauna and family from Brookline, MA on this Phantom Blue Merle F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"We are so in love with McCloud. We’re so impressed with him! He is so well trained for his age and knows to use a pee pad when indoors. He’s so smart, I can’t believe it! He’s also doing so well at home adjusting and didn’t even cry in the crate last night at all!"

bernedoodle and baby


Congrats to: Amanda and family from Middletown, CT on this Black Tri-Color F1 BerneDoodle puppy.

"Indie is very smart. She is goofy. Indie is calm and loving. She is great with children and other dogs."


Congrats to: Teresa and family from Plymouth, MI on this Black Bi-Color F1b AussieDoodle puppy.

"Simply stated—she’s absolutely amazing! It’s incredible how quickly she’s adapted to her new surroundings. She does a wonderful job sitting, will lay down and come when called. She’s also doing a great job playing catch with us. She gets into her bed willingly and hasn’t cried once and from the second night home, she’s slept all night! Her vet appt went great and the dr and nurse immediately fell in love with this baby girl. She definitely gets puppy crazy time and has an affection for shoelaces and anything else we don’t want her to have haha We expend her energy by playing fetch and working with her on walking with a leash on. We also have several treat puzzles that she loves. She’s also mesmerized by the tv and will sit quietly and watch for several minutes. We couldn’t be more happy with this sweet girl and are so thankful that Awesome Doodle and Shannon gave her such a wonderful start."

f1b curly black phantom aussiedoodle puppy


Congrats to: Mary and family from Dallas, TX on this Black Phantom F1b AussieDoodle puppy.

"Our little Lilou is truly an AwesomeDoodle. She is a very good girl — beautiful, sweet and funny. She already knows the commands ‘sit’ and ‘come’, is well on the way to being house-broken and loves playing in our yard. Looking forward to all the adventures we will have with this outstanding creature!! ❤️??"

black phantom aussiedoodle puppy with white


Congrats to: Sophia and Family from New York City, NY on this Black Phantom F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"I wanted to send you guys another small update on our sweet boy Blue aka Roku! He’s doing so well and has gotten huge! He is now 37 pounds and has a ton of hair. He loves doing tricks and was so easy to train, he is now fully trained. My personal favorite trick he does is “bang” or play dead. It’s so sweet when he rolls over and lies down. He loves playing fetch and chasing after a stick or ball or really anything thrown away from him. He’s a big fan of the ocean but not so much the pool. When we bring him to the beach he runs straight for the water and splashes around. He’s also very much a city dog and loves exploring the streets of New York City. His best friend is actually a Great Dane puppy who lives next door to us and they can play for hours on end. Blue is such a cuddly puppy and loves to roll onto his back and receive rubs. He also loves being brushed and always gets excited when I take out his hair brush. He loves treats, especially beaf and for some reason also adores receiving a cube of ice. He will try to bite at it and usually it will roll on the ground which he will then chase after it until he manages to get a hold of it. He’s an amazing dog and we are so grateful to you guys. He also has an Instagram if you ever want more photo updates on how he’s doing! It’s called blue_boy_the_aussiedoodle."


Congrats to: Tim and family from Washington, DC on this Black Phantom F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"These emails have been so helpful - thank you! Bowery is doing great! We just started working 1:1 with a trainer who comes once a week. Bowery is a very fast learner and also “very food motivated” :) according to our trainer. He got his final round of shots last week and we are excited to take him to the dog park soon to run without a leash and also (selectively) play with other puppies. Bowery hates cold weather and rain. On those days he would prefer to be a house cat. He has shown awesome athleticism - he is incredibly fast and a great jumper. We have a lot of dogs in our building and he’s getting to know many of them. He also has a mini Goldendoodle “cousin” who he loves to torment / play with. The first few weeks were a tough adjustment to puppy life, but these emails made a big difference. Thank you so much! We love Bowery and are so happy we brought him into our life."

blue eyed black phantom aussiedoodle


Congrats to: Lindsey and family from Alpharetta, GA on this Black Phantom F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"As we approach miss Koda’s 1st birthday, we wanted to give you an update on our beautiful pup and thank you for the experience! Koda is definitely the smartest dog I’ve ever met. She’s cuddly and sweet. She absolutely loves to be outside and loves walks/runs. She’s a very curious girl, even her normal walk/run routes provide ample opportunity for new adventures. She loves chasing birds and is hopeful one day she’ll find a way to get one. Koda loves her family and is so patient even with her two youngest human brothers who love to play chase with her. I honestly couldn’t have hoped for a better dog. She’s still on the smaller side, but she’s grown well over the past year. Despite looking smaller, she can jump incredible heights. She goes to doggy day care once a week and they all laugh at how she jumps over all the barrier walls to get where she wants to be. She even flips when she jumps sometimes, which amazes us. She was so easy to house train and so easy to love. Koda and the cat still aren’t best friends, though everyday Koda tries her best to win the cat over! We are so happy she is part of our family!"

black tri aussiedoodle puppy playing


Congrats to: Traci and family from California on this Black Bi-Color F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"Loving all these tips! Our Luna is doing amazing - she is the sweetest pup, and it seems she got mama Sydney’s calm nature, yet also a bit of spunk! We love her so much and couldn’t be happier - thank you!!"

lake aussiedoodle black tri coloring


Congrats to: Paul and family from Spicewood, TX on this Black Tri-Color F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"Koda is doing great! We started puppy class the week she got home (local place offers a sanitized environment for pups not fully vaccinated) and she’s been super well behaved with the other pups and gets along with everyone. She’s also extremely focused for her age and equally motivated by treats or toys. She has excellent eye contact and will offer calm behaviors even when there are distractions. We started day one with behavior shaping, but that quickly transitioned to learning commands. By week 10 she had sit, down, stay, shake, rollover all nailed down. Our favorite is “play dead” after a finger pistol “bang” motion? Toy-wise she takes after her mom Juno as a fetch machine, and naturally caught on to the idea of bringing the ball back to us, and will calmly sit until we throw it again. She also seems to have inherited Charlie’s temperament as she is a small dog without any of the yippy and annoying small dog characteristics. The only real challenge we’re still working on is separation anxiety. She’s a total velcro dog and doesn’t enjoy being alone. She’s content in her crate for the most part, so we’re slowly working on making that her safe space to be alone in. Thanks!"