Wendy & Cozy

Wendy is no longer raising AussieDoodles with AwesomeDoodle, but we love her puppies just the same.

Wendy’s Pets:


When I first saw Zorro i fell in love. I immediately knew what is name would be. He was going to be my little masked stud. He was going to be a lover.  He has a mask so he would be a Latin lover! So “El Zorro” it was, which means “the fox. What a sweet lovable lover he is. Zorro is a 20 pound Blue Merle Miniature Australian Shepherd with one blue eye and the second eye being mostly brown with some blue as well. He’s super playful and snuggly and sometimes very independent at the same time. He is very gentle as well. For example, when Auna and Glimmer’s puppies were about 6-8 weeks old he would play ever so gently in the kitchen with them. My other older dogs might play a little too rough but Zorro knows exactly how soft to be with these babies [read more]


Auna and Glimmer's boyfriend is "Hercules". What a beautiful boy. Hercules (we call him Herc) is the epitome of the breed standard for a TOY AUSSIE.  His HEAD, thick coat, and bone structure are just perfect.  Hercules has never met a stranger and comes running to greet anyone, with his butt wiggling  He passes this excellence onto his puppies. Best of all, Hercules is an international Champion. He is 16lbs and just under 14" tall. Hercules has been tested and is fully clear of any genetic diseases. 's Past Puppies:


Glimmer is a Dark Chocolate, AKC registered poodle weighing in at 35lbs and about 21 inches to the top of her shoulders. My Glimmer is a special dog for many reasons. Even though Glimmer looks dark brown in color her coat will turn to a silver beige. Glimmer is one of the smartest dogs I’ve ever owned. The second time we walked her on an unfamiliar trail deep in the wilderness, she was off leash and ahead of us and she knew the turn off place to get back to our home. She is an amazing mama to her pups. When she is cleaning her pups, which is quite frequent, she will take a drink of water (if her water bowl is nearby) and use the water to clean her babies. Glimmer is loyal and sticks by me almost everywhere I go.  If we are walking without a leash [read more]


Auna is around 18lbs. She makes some of our more calm, small, and lovable AussieDoodles. Auna is a beautiful, red, AKC mini poodle. She is "fleece like"- soft and exceptionally affectionate. Even though she loves playing with other dogs and toys, her favorite place to be is with people, especially her "human family". She absolutely loves being near, sitting or sleeping in my lap, my husband's lap or even with our daughter. She's not much of a barker, but will join in if my other dogs bark because they sense a stranger nearby. Auna is very intelligent and aware of her surroundings. She was easy to train and is very calm. I may drop off my daughter at school and we can drive around the parking lot and Auna can still find my daughter in a big crowd of teenagers with her obvious excited tail and actions. You may think [read more]