Raises: F1 BerneDoodles, F1 SheepaDoodles, F1b BerneDoodles

Home Town: Sioux Falls, SD

Airport pickup: FSD Sioux Falls, SD

Tammy - Raising the most socialized BerneDoodle and SheepaDoodle Puppies.

We're proud to welcome Tammy

Tammy raises AussieDoodles and SheepaDoodles in Sioux Falls, SD. Tammy has three children one 5 year old grandson.  Her grandson's "JOB" is to play with the puppies, and Tammy has to pay him in nerf guns and hotwheels. He tells us his #1 job is "poop patrol".

Tammy has been consumed by dogs since she was little. She has showed AKC Airedales, and Jack Russels. Her family is also extreme ice hockey players and fans.

Tammy's Pets:

Mollee F1 BerneDoodle
Making the cutest and most gentle F1b BerneDoodles

Blossom Old English SheepDog
She makes the sweetest standard size SheepaDoodles

Midge F1 BerneDoodle
Making the sweetest F1b Mini BerneDoodles

Raffi Old English SheepDog
makes sweet standard size SheepaDoodles.

Maddee F1 BerneDoodle
is a first generation BerneDoodle.

parti poodle Rio Poodle
is a handsome standard poodle.

Indy Poodle

Joplin Poodle
the beautiful black and white parti Poodle.

Rocky Old English SheepDog

Memphis Poodle
She is a standard size poodle and full of love, smarts, and fun.

Molly F1 AussieDoodle

parti aussiedoodle dad Gator Poodle
He is our little daddy.