Raises: F1 AussieDoodles, F1b AussieDoodles

Home Town: Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Airport pickup: MSP Minneapolis

Rebecca - Rebecca raises AussieDoodle puppies near Minneapolis, in a small city called Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

Rebecca raises AussieDoodle puppies near Minneapolis, in a small city called Eau Claire, Wisconsin. She is married, has a daughter and two beautiful Aussies. Previously a Dental Assistant, she is now the webmaster for AwesomeDoodle.

Rebecca and her family stay busy and active through out the year, from hiking and camping in the summer to show shoeing in the winter. Their lucky dogs get to join them on most of their adventures.

Her daughter Madilyn helps out a lot with raising the puppies, you’ll often see her in the puppy cam.

We get lots of compliments on Rebecca’s puppies.

Rebecca's Pets:


Maxwell Edison

Poodle, 15lbs

Max is our little phantom parti poodle buddy boy. My husband and I never really wanted a smaller dog, but Max has shown us otherwise. We literally can take him anywhere and do everything with him. He is athletic and has no problems keeping up with the bigger dogs. This boy is FAST. He loves to get the aussie girls or the puppies to try and chase him! I thought Lucy was my velcro dog until I got Max. The …



Australian Shepherd, 60lbs

Also known as Lucy Goosey, Loopy doopy, Louie, Lucy Bug, Loopers, and probably about 5 other “pet names”. Luc is the sweetest, most easy-going Australian Shepherd I’ve ever met. She is loyal, docile, loving and just an overall good dog. Being our second pet we could not of asked for anything better. She never had a “crazy puppy phase” nor has she been overly needy with stimulation. Whatever you want to do is what Lucy wants to do. She is …

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Penny Lane

Australian Shepherd, 35lbs

Penny is truly an equal member of the family. She is an AKC Registered miniature Australian Shepherd and a perfect 35 lbs. Penny has all the classic Aussie traits: highly intelligent, loyal, active, and best of all, loving. She is a dog of many tricks but our favorite is “shut the door” and her “I love you” song. That phrase “Can’t teach and old dog new tricks” would never apply to this girl. Penny goes everywhere with us. We keep …