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Morgan & Diane’s Affectionate Toy and Mini AussieDoodles

Diane and Morgan raise their toy and mini size AussieDoodles in Louisville, KY. Their puppies are some of our most wanted, because of the extra time they spend in the puppy box, handling the pups.

When I (Tom) first saw Morgan in our neighborhood (in Louisville), walking her dog on a “loose leash,” I asked her if she was a dog trainer. She said, “No, I just like walking dogs.” Then I asked her what high school she goes to, and if she would like a job walking dogs. She replied, “Yes but I’m in 8th grade and I’ll have to ask my mom.” ha ha!

After some time, I gave Morgan a job walking my adult dogs every day after school. Then, she started taking care of our puppies. She would come to the house and carry a puppy around, as she was cleaning the floor. Sometimes I have to tell her to put the puppy down and get to work! When I have puppies here, she spends at least 30 minutes every day, playing and loving on all the puppies.

Morgan and her mom, Diane, took a liking to my Aussies and of course the puppies. Several months later, we found two Aussies for Morgan and Diane. These dogs came to us from one of the top breeders in the country. In fact, Maddie is a “cousin” of Mini Poochie.

Diane and Morgan have now raised several litters with AwesomeDoodle. The feedback we get from their puppy owners is always A++. Morgan and Diane give the puppies so much love and attention and stimulation too. Morgan carries those lil wuppies around like human babies and the result is these puppies REALLY trust and love humans. We are so lucky to have Diane and Morgan in the AwesomeDoodle Family.

Diane and Morgan’s Pets:


Petunia is very sweet and loving, gentle dog. She is cautious of strangers at first and likes to let us know when someone pulls in the driveway. But give her 15 minutes and she will be begging you to pet her more. She loves playing with other dogs and leans on the more submissive side. She entertains herself by throwing toys around the house, picking them up and throwing them again. She loves her squeaky toys and of course her goal is to get the squeaker out. She loves loves to fetch the ball. She will go for a walk any time and rides well in the car. Petunia is a very loyal to her owners and tends to stick with us, but also won’t turn down some love from others. She is very gentle when it [read more]


Meet Lego. He's a 10lb toy size poodle and he's as red as they get. It took us a long time to find Lego and we're so happy we did. Lego has a little prance about him that is so fun. One minute he is bouncing around the back yard like he has springs on his feet, and the next minute he is curled up to you on the couch. Lego lives with his owner Jeannie, and his Chihuahua pal and two cats. Lego is playful with the cats but doesn't overstep his boundaries. Lego is well potty trained and will not go in the house. He will hop around to let you know he needs to potty outside. He's not destructive and rarely barks. He barks at strangers when they first come over, but at the same time his tail is wagging. Within 15 minutes, he's happy to [read more]


Milo, the toy sized poodle will melt your heart. At just 5.1 lbs (yes you read that correctly) he is one tiny little guy. Milo lives in his forever home with his human parents Jessie and Adam. He is a boyfriend for Gracie May and possibly HoneyBee. It's difficult to tell just how small he is, but if you notice in the photo, our freshly cut grass comes up to his knee :-)  Milo is ALL BLACK and we expect that to help bring out the colors in the Aussie. Milo is full of sweetness. He doesn't let you out of his sight very often. He loves to ride in the car, sit on your lap, or do just about anything you're doing. He loves other dogs, kids, & adults. He's happy go lucky Milo. 's Past Puppies: [read more]


We waited a year to get this amazing girl. Layla is perfect in every way. A small mini Aussie, She is 31lbs and the most STOCKY dog we have.  Her parents are both Champions. She is perfect bone structure. She's got the look, the stature, and best of all, she's as sweet as they get. I got on a very long waiting list and waited patiently for the perfect red merle. Layla came to be when she was 9 weeks old and I raised her for the first month. Then she went to her forever home with Christy, her husband and their two daughters. Christy is the sister of Becky, who owns Robin. Click here to see Robin. Layla comes to my house now and then to visit and have play days with my dogs. She is a pleasure to have around. She is playful but not destructive and [read more]


Snowflake is a  gorgeous apricot moyen size poodle, at about 30-35lbs, registered with AKC. If you see Jeremy, you see Snowflake; she's always tagging along. Jingle the car keys Snowflake is ready to go.  She is super affectionate, even with strangers, and gets along with all dogs. She sleeps on the bedroom floor every night in her big luxury dog bed. Typically, Snowflake has her FOO FOO fancy poodle hair cut as shown to the right. Above, she had been shaved so it is easier for her to take care of her puppies.  She is very active and likes to play outside. Poodles are known to be the smartest dogs and Snowflake is no exception. She knows hundreds of phrases, such as "get in your bed," and "get in the car," and also"go lie down." Snowflake is an incredibly gentle dog, especially with her 5 and 7 year old [read more]


Maddie is the class clown of AwesomeDoodle. You've probably heard me say AussieDoodles have a "happy go lucky" attitude? That's Maddie. She LOVES everyone, even strangers. She borderlines on being "In your face." But wow, this girl is a lover and wants love from everyone. She will bark at strangers at first, but then love from up to them as soon as she is introduced. She is such a pleasure to have around. She always wants to be part of the action. She has a medium energy level which is satisfied with a couple walks per day and a couple Frisbee sessions. She loves other dogs and doesn't have a mean bone in her body. She is fairly submissive and doesn't understand when the other dogs are protective of their bones. She's a sweetheart. Maddie is about 29-30lbs so she will produce [read more]

Gracie May

Gracie is a toy size Aussie, at 9 lbs. She is TINY. She will make toy size Aussies and we have a couple boyfriends in mind for her. Gracie has character, that’s for sure. She has some “toy-ish” mannerisms. She can be a little skittish of new people, (like most Aussies) and she thinks she is a little guard dog. Little dog, big personality. And you should see her fetch a Frisbee! Watch the video below. Diane and Morgan have been teaching her and Maddie to fetch, and they are doing well. Size: 9lbs Faith's Current Puppies in the Nursery: