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Jennifer and her adorable mini Aussies

Jennifer raises her Toy AussieDoodle puppies in Atlanta, GA. Jennifer is very active on the AwesomeDoodle crew, not only raising some of the best toy size AussieDoodle Puppies, but also helping the AwesomeDoodle group by helping us form new policies and procedures. To say that Jennifer is “consumed” with raising her puppies, is an understatement. Her videos are amazing as she updates you weekly on the health, vigor, and blossoming personalities of your puppy. Her photos are some of our best, and you’ll be waiting on pins and needles every week when you get your new set of photos of your growing puppy. It’s no wonder, Jennifer’s puppies highly sought after.

Jennifer’s Dogs:

Please note that not all of our dogs live with us. We all have our own pets, and some of us have moms or dads that live in their furever homes with other families. All our dogs are pets. We do not get rid of dogs when they are done breeding.


Little Lulu (AKA Lucille Ball) is an absolutely stunning mini red merle aussie.  We waited a very long time to get this girl!  She is THE PERFECT family dog! She has never met a stranger, and is known to even get her feelings hurt if strangers don’t stop and play with her.  Of course, as stunning as she is, this rarely happens – everyone loves her! Lulu has a long list of LOVES herself:  first is her family, she cannot get enough of her three young human siblings.  She is in the middle of all their play time – giving kisses to giggling faces, playing tag or fetch, going on car rides for fun adventures, and most of all is family snuggle time with lots of belly rubs. Lulu is one of the best natured dogs in [read more]

Willow’s Cute AussieDoodles in Atlanta, GA

Hi everyone, meet Willow!  Willow is a beautiful blue-eyed blue merle with perfect button ears!  Willow and Cali both came to us at Thanksgiving in 2016 – and we have been giving thanks for both of them ever since!  The best Holiday gift we have ever received. We raise AussieDoodle puppies in Atlanta, GA. Willow joined our family and fit right in, while still making a name for herself.  She’s small but mighty as they say.  All of 15 pounds and 14″ – she’s the smallest of my pups.  However don’t let that size fool you!  She is the leader and doesn’t let those bigger dogs push her around one bit! She controls the play sessions, making sure everyone plays fair and has a good time – a natural momma. Fetch is her game! She prefers tennis balls to Frisbee, and will [read more]


Cali is a miniature sized blue merle Australian Shepherd with copper. If you’re looking for the perfect family pet, Cali’s AussieDoodle puppies might be for you. Cali is one of our lower energy dogs, she rarely barks, and she’s never far from her family. Cali goes everywhere with the family and loves to ride in the car, go to the kid’s school events, and meet new people. Cali is quite loyal to her family. When the family is spread out in the house, Cali will go from room to room to check on everyone, including the kids. Cali could not be more beautiful. Anywhere we take her, people always ask about her. Cali doesn’t have a mean bone in her body. [read more]