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Brittini and her lovable Sheepadoodles

My name is Brittini And I raise my Sheepadoodles in Sioux City, Iowa.

Growing up I spent much of my childhood showing Jack Russell Terriers. While I loved Conformation showing, “Go to Ground” trial event (Underground simulation for hunting Fox) was always my favorite. Raising doodles is my passion, and I am also a trained groomer with 10 years of experience.

I love to spend time pampering all of my pups and familiarizing them with the grooming process in all stages of life. Grooming introduced me to Poodles and Old English Sheepdogs. I fell head over heels with both breeds and I don’t think I could ask for a better combination when breeding the two. The Old English Sheepdogs clownish, gentle nature combined with the low shedding, relentlessly loyal poodle makes for the best friend a person could ask for.

My doodles are raised right in my dining room so they are familiar with household noises and movements, making for an easy transition to their new homes.

Brittini’s Dogs:


As described by the American Kennel Club The Old English Sheep dog has “a clownish energy.” This trait was not lost on Tilly. Whether she is cannon balling into my couch pillows or having a conversation with her reflection in the stove, she never fails to entertain. Tilly, short for Matilda, has many nicknames in our household. Tilly Manilly, Tilly Mae, dilly dilly are just a few. Tilly is the epitome of a Velcro dog and spends her days following me around taking brief breaks to make sure my five year old son is within sight. Tilly is a gentle soul who would loves nothing more than a long game of fetch and a nap on the couch. She somehow always knows when it’s been a rough day and Offers a head in my lap and lots [read more]

Anna Banana

Anna Banana is happy fun spirited Old English Sheepdog girl. This fluff ball is very athletic and loves to play with her sister. She has the cutest face, always smiling! She loves her family fiercely and is good with all other animals. My favorite thing about Anna Banana is how she sleeps. She likes to sleep flat on her back, all four legs spread out in front of a fan. She just looks so goofy but she loves the cool fan blowing on her belly. Anna has always been very easy going, loves to play fetch and earn belly rubs. Training has always been easy with this smart girl. She is food and toy motivated, likes to earn her rewards. Her hair is soft and she barely sheds. She loves to be brushed and pampered, like a [read more]