Greycie X Teddy F1 AussieDoodle Puppies

Estimated Size: 20-35lbs

Born: April 7, 2023

Go Home Dates: June 2, 2023 to June 9, 2023

Limited puppy nanny flights, please inquire ahead

Raised by: Darcy in Elkridge, MD

Greycie, 30 lb Australian Shepherd

Teddy, 16 lb Poodle



AdleyBlack Phantom AussieDoodle

Congrats to: Patricia and family from Brunswick, MD on this Boy

"Thank you so much for the continued support and information! Adley is doing so well and starting puppy classes tomorrow! We have been thrilled with how sweet he is and how quickly he adjusted to the routines of our home! It will be fun to introduce him to some new puppies and continue learning basic training techniques! We have been keeping up with you training suggestions as well, which has been a huge help! Thank you again for helping us bring this perfect addition into our home! We are grateful!

Moebius (Moby)Blue Merle w/ White & Copper AussieDoodle

Congrats to: Stephanie and family from Erie, PA on this Boy

JJBlack Phantom AussieDoodle

Congrats to: Louise Clark and family from Washington, VA on this Boy

RomanBlue Merle w/ White & Copper AussieDoodle

Congrats to: Amanda and family from Medford, MA on this Boy

FarfallePhantom Blue Merle AussieDoodle

Congrats to: Ruth and family from Boerne, TX on this Girl

ZitiBlack Phantom AussieDoodle

Congrats to: Jodi and family from Elkridge, MD on this Girl