Breed: Australian Shepherd

Weight:  62

Owner: Tom

Winnie - Winnie makes the Sweetest and Smartest AussieDoodles

Winnie is not a just another dog who makes beautiful puppies. She’s exceptional, and so are her puppies. No, she probably wouldn’t win any blue ribbons in the show ring, but that’s not why we make puppies with her. Like every dog you see on our website, she is our family pet. Winnie is the dog that got it all started. We decided to make puppies because of her loving temperament, her agility, and her beautiful smile. Her puppies are known to be some of the smartest and most affectionate dogs we’ve had.

Winnie loves to fetch her Frisbee, jump through a hoop, and chase chipmunks. Winnie is demanding with attention and hugs. When you talk to Winnie, she looks you in the eyes, tilts her head and listens. She has never met a stranger and loves everyone, including kids. She knows a variety of tricks and enjoys learning more. She is not a “protective” dog, but will let you know if someone pulls in the driveway.

Winnie's Past Puppies

No litters yet