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Willow’s Cute AussieDoodles in Atlanta, GA

Willow’s Cute AussieDoodles in Atlanta, GA puppies are raised by:

  • Hi everyone, meet Willow!  Willow is a beautiful blue-eyed blue merle with perfect button ears!  Willow and Cali both came to us at Thanksgiving in 2016 – and we have been giving thanks for both of them ever since!  The best Holiday gift we have ever received. We raise AussieDoodle puppies in Atlanta, GA.

    Willow joined our family and fit right in, while still making a name for herself.  She’s small but mighty as they say.  All of 15 pounds and 14″ – she’s the smallest of my pups.  However don’t let that size fool you!  She is the leader and doesn’t let those bigger dogs push her around one bit! She controls the play sessions, making sure everyone plays fair and has a good time – a natural momma.

    Fetch is her game! She prefers tennis balls to Frisbee, and will play as long as you will.  She very sweetly brings the ball and gently drops it in your lap, ready to get her game on.  She’s hysterical though – as she really likes to play fetch INDOORS.  She prefers the air conditioning to hot humid Atlanta summers.  Maybe it messes up her hair do?

    We all know aussies are smart, right?  Well Willow takes the cake on that one!  She is always the first to learn the new trick – never taking her more than 4 repetitions to get it

    down.  Ringing a bell for potty, 3 times, nailed it; Learn to dance on two back legs, 4 times, nailed it.  Sit patiently waiting for her name to be called for dinner – two times, nailed it.  All the other dogs look to her when what they are trying isn’t getting the results they want.  She is a natural teacher as well.

    She’s medium energy – will play Fetch as long as you will, but then happy to snuggle up for some couch time.  At bed time, she loves her crate and sleeps there, with the door open.

    Willow LOVES children, and plays extra gently with them.  She knows everyone’s name in our extended family and you can see her excitement when she hears Emily or Aunt Jen are coming for a visit.  She’s around babies, toddlers, kindergartners, up through high school aged children often.  She has a special place in her heart for the babies and toddlers – proving those motherly instincts are strong!

    Willow lives with our amazing guardian family – with visits to our house about a week every month.  She is so well loved, and going to visit family is her favorite activity – next to Fetch!

  • Size: 15lbs

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