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  • Meet Via, our fun loving, spunky, snuggly princess.

    She may be small, just over 13 lbs., but our little girl packs in the personality! An optimist, full of joy, Via loves to leap, fetch, and chase. She is a very agile, clever, and independent (but affectionate) dog, that plays hard and crashes hard. She’s been known to sleep in our arms cradled like a baby, especially after bath time. Via thinks our guests have come to see her and makes everyone feel welcomed and loved. She does not discriminate, she will take a belly rub from anyone big or small. Via loves to be wherever we are; traveling somewhere new, on a boat, or just snuggled up on the couch. When the door is opened, Via has no interest in escaping, she loves her family. One of Via’s most favorite activities is sitting on the front porch at my feet each morning. She is an excellent foot warmer. Via is a F1 mini Aussiedoodle. She has a luxuriously soft fleece coat and is a fantastic communicator. Via is the ultimate family dog. If this sounds like a dog you would want, check out her puppies, as we expect them to be the same as Via.

  • Size: 13lbs

Via's Past Puppies:

Bear, the F1b AussieDoodle puppy

“Bear continues to do very well. Daily we work on our sitting and staying. Chicken is the best reward! He is doing very well at night and with pottying. In fact, just this morning he went to the door and “appeared” to be asking to go out. So we went out and he did his business. Might be a coincidence, but I am cautiously optimistic. We were at the vet yesterday for the next round of vaccinations and he is weighing in at 5.7 pounds. We LOVE our Bear [read more]